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You’ve entered Active Mode. Like most of us in this mode, you probably wish there was an extra hour in each day, or maybe even an extra day in the week. This mode is dedicated to those people going so hard that sometimes you catch yourself running on “E.” In Active Mode, we feature some of the best ways to stay powered up on the go.

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Healthy Local Options At Your Doorstep

    If you just need some good food and you don’t have time to mess around, Postmates is the perfect option. You get your choice of local restaurants, juice bars and more, so you can still be as healthy as you want on a busy schedule. Also, if you want to skip the line at your favorite spot, select “pickup” when you order and you won’t have to waste your whole lunch standing in line.

      Click the link below to enter your address and see what options are in your area. When you’re ready to order, use the code “GETFOOD” and you’ll get $100 in delivery fee credits that you can start using on your first order!


Top 3 Multivitamins - Active Mode | Biotic Blendz

     If you’re eating on-the-go a lot, it’s pretty hard to avoid nutrient-deficient, processed food. We especially don’t want our kids losing out on any vital nutrients as they grow bigger. Luckily a good multivitamin can be the best insurance to supplement even the healthiest of diets…

Garden of Life - MyKind

Best For Kids

Garden of Life mykind Organics Kids Multivitamin

    For the kids, we love Garden of Life’s mykind Organics Kids Multivitamin Gummies. Even though they don’t contain fish oil, they contain an impressive spectrum of B Vitamins, which is just as important to your brain health at any age.

     On top of that, they contain the ever-elusive vitamin K and a huge patented blend of fruits, veggies, and herbal extracts. When independently tested for purity, label accuracy, and quality, they stand unmatched. When it comes to our kids’ health, that makes the decision pretty easy. The best part is these gummies taste awesome, so you won’t have any issues getting your kids to take their daily dose.

Garden of Life - Vitamin Code

Best For Women

Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Women - Multivitamin

      Garden Of Life made the decision pretty easy for Women also. Just like the kids Gummies, the Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Multivitamins for Women contain ALL the essentials. They’re the perfect supplement for the irregular eating habits of active lifestyles. Also, with no binders and fillers, they use every bit of space by including these special blends:

  • RAW Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend
  • RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend
  • RAW Antioxidant & Immune Support Complex

GNC - Mega Man Sport

Best For Men


     For our mens best multivitamin we almost went with Garden of Life Vitamin Code Multivitamin for Men, which would’ve given them the 3-way win. Even with Garden of Life taking the #1 Best Multivitamin for Women and Kids, they couldn’t compete with GNC’s Mega Men Sport Multivitamins. Checking all the boxes for the essential vitamins and minerals we you look for, they scored extra credit with their additional blends:

  • Sports Blend
  • Super Antioxidant Blend
  • BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

     Also, GNC’s Mega Men Sport Multivitamins score right at the top of the list with Garden of Life Vitamins when 3rd-party tested for purity, quality, and label accuracy.


KOS Superfood Powder - Best Green Juice Substitute

    We all know fruits and veggies are an essential part of a good diet, and most of us could stand to get a few more on a daily basis. When you’re on-the-go, fresh juices and smoothies represent one of the easiest ways to get your daily amount, but these are the most common issues people face along the way (especially in Active Mode):

  • No juice bars or other healthy options in your neighborhood
  • No good grocery options for organic produce to make your own
  • Price is too high for either option
  • No time to learn how
  • Always on the road and/or away from home kitchen
  • Live in a dorm-style room (students, military, etc.)

      Luckily, in Chef Mode, we share some simple solutions to most of these issues, so head over there if you have the time. For those of us in Active Mode, Superfood Powders represent the best “cheat code” to bypass all of those extra shopping and kitchen duties associated with juicing

      Just like any shortcut, they can be risky, and Superfood Powders don’t let you completely skip eating your fruits and veggies. Just like multivitamins, Superfood Powders are meant to SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet and give you an all-natural boost in energy, immunity, and more.

      With hundreds of choices on the market, there’s already a wide gap between the best and the worst Superfood Powders. We made it easy by lining up the best options and included the main reasons why they made the cut.

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Organifi Superfood Powder - Green Juice




      Unless you’re hitting the weights hard, that extra-strength protein bar could actually be hurting you in more ways than one. See why these meal replacement bars are the perfect source for all-around nutrition.



     Sometimes Superfood Greens and Meal Bars just won’t cut it. However, for people on the go, meal replacement shakes can be your best bridge to proper nutrition. So no, Bloody Mary’s didn’t make our cut for the Top 5 Meal Replacement drinks, but nice try.

     What we DID include is some of the purest and nutritious meal replacement powders we could find. We went through quite a few, but it was pretty simple to narrow it down when focusing on the 4 major metrics we look for when trying to replace a whole meal with a shake.

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Protein
  • Healthy Fats
  • Overall Ingredient Quality


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