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Beginners Guide to Maximizing Workouts | Superior Digital News

Beginners Guide: 5 Ways To Maximize Workouts

We all know that the world of health & fitness is full of misinformation, deception, and straight up outlandish claims. Still, all the crash diets, cleanses, and secret fruits from exotic islands can muddy the water and lead even the most experienced astray. This makes it even harder to know where to start. Getting away from the basics will doom any workout regimen, so don’t start out on the wrong foot.

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Jabra Elite & Elite Active 65t True Wireless Earbuds Review | Superior Digital News

Jabra VS MPOW VS Jaybird | Best Wireless Fitness Earbuds 2019

When it comes to picking the right fitness headsets, the fit and durability come first. Nothing is more frustrating than earbuds constantly coming loose during a workout. Even worse is when an expensive pair of “fitness” headphones fall victim to sweat. Companies like Jabra, MPOW, and Jaybird may have just the right solution for you…

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Belkin Wireless Charger Review by Superior Digital News

Top 3: Wireless Chargers For iPhone X & 8

While we wait for Apple to release their own wireless charger, the AirPower, sometime in 2018, these 3 wireless chargers are perfect for iPhone X & 8 models. Plus, with the price of the AirPower rumored to be between $150-$200 it might be in your best interest to look elsewhere. Luckily, there are some wireless chargers made by reputable companies, who have teamed up with Apple to create a solution for the impatient Apple fan.

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