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CBD Buyers Guide

Table of Contents

With the recent boom of CBD oil products and the legalization of marijuana in more and more states, it’s the wild west when it comes to the manufacturing of all cannabis products. There are hundreds of brands, large and small, so it can be a daunting task to find the safest and most effective. 

     We put together this buyer’s guide to help you pick the best CBD brand and product for your needs. No need to run out and get PhD’s in all the relevant sciences. Stick to these simple fundamentals and you’ll always have a safe and effective CBD product.

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1. Growing Method

Growing Method

     One of the most important steps in the process of producing high-quality CBD products is how the plants are grown. Cannabis is a bioaccumulator (phytoremediator), which means that it absorbs heavy metals, chemical waste, and other pollutants from the soil. This gives companies that grow their own plants a step up on the competition when it comes to purity and overall quality control.

     Soil testing is a crucial step because it can avoid over-processing the harvested plants to remove impurities that could’ve been avoided from the beginning. If the company doesn’t provide information on where and how they source the their cannabis then you should probably move on to another brand.

2. Extraction Method

Extraction Method

      With little to no regulation in the manufacturing process of CBD and other cannabis products, many companies use propane, butane, hexane, and other toxic solvents. The method of extraction usually depends on how much the company is willing to invest in the manufacturing process. On top of that, many companies that we researched missed critical purifying processes like distillation.

      First, you always want to look for the three safest CBD extraction methods which are hand-pressed, supercritical C02, and pharmaceutical or food-grade ethanol. It’s safe to say, if steps of the production methods aren’t readily available on their website or from customer service, then you should probably avoid that company altogether.

3. 3rd-Party Testing

3rd-Party Tested

      This goes into our next way to find high-quality CBD products. Manufacturers who know they have a good product and don’t have anything to hide will make their 3rd-party test results readily available. (You also want to make sure that the testing is current.)

      These independent 3rd party tests will determine 3 important elements:

  • CBD levels (should be high)
  • THC levels (should be as low as possible)
  • Any impurities that may be present

4. CBD Quality & Quantity

CBD Quantity and Quality

      This is where a lot of people get lost in the weeds. (pun intended) Many companies market their products as just “hemp oil.” Unfortunately, this vague marketing strategy can be very misleading, because this has nothing to do with how much CBD the products contain. If you’re looking to get the complete spectrum of nutrients from the Cannabis plant then the keywords you always want to look for are “Full Spectrum” and/or “Whole-Plant.” Any other label is just deceptive marketing and should be avoided at all costs.

      If you’re interested specifically in CBD benefits then, it should go without saying that, the CBD quantity per dose should be listed. Avoid products that contain unneeded ingredients like artificial colorings, sugars, and other additives.

5. THC Amounts

THC Levels

     Most CBD users don’t want the high that comes along with higher levels of THC. Legally, CBD oils and other products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be sold in the United States (Federal Law). If the CBD product doesn’t show THC content on the label, then it’s safe to say you should avoid that brand.

      Transparent companies like Charlotte’s Web and Nanocraft offer CBD oils and other products that are completely THC-free. If you’re not worried about failing a drug test then there are plenty of options for high-quality CBD products that should do the trick. Our CBD Kiosks feature our favorite premium CBD brands and exclusive discounts so you can sample them to find the ones you like.

Best Methods To Consume CBD

Safer Methods Than Smoking CBD

DISCLAIMER: Before using any CBD products, talk to your doctor to make sure that it won’t interfere with any medications you may be taking.

      Unfortunately, inhaling CBD through smoking or vaping is by far the most effective and efficient method besides intravenously. Absorbing CBD through the lungs bypasses our destructive digest system. Obviously, the biggest problems with inhalation methods are all of the possible respiratory issues it causes.

     On top of that, getting your CBD intravenously, while the most effective, is extremely inconvenient.  Since most of us aren’t going to start rollin’ up joints with CBD-dominate weed, here are your best options to get your daily dose:

  • MOST EFFECTIVE & ECONOMICAL: Oil – Droppers under your tongue and nasal sprays are two of the most efficient methods when it comes to bioavailability. Even though the drops are consumed orally, they’re rapidly absorbed by your mucous membrane when placed under your tongue. Just be sure to hold the drops under your tongue for at least 45 seconds to give the mucous membrane the best chance to absorb as much as possible. Nasal sprays are even more effective because your nasal mucous membrane has a thinner lining for better absorption.
  • BEST FOR TRAVELING: CBD Infused Candy – If you’re looking for a method that’s a little more discreet, gummies and other candies are a convenient option. Especially when traveling, there are no worries of bottles of oil spilling or tubes of topicals squeezing all over. Look for candies that you can dissolve in your mouth for the best chance of absorption.
  • BEST FOR DRINKS AND EDIBLES: Isolate – If you plan on integrating CDB into some of your recipes then CBD isolate is the best route. It comes in the form of a dry powdery substance that dissolves easily into hot and cold recipes.
  • BEST FOR TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: Topicals and Patches – Since CBD is absorbed slow and steady using these methods, they’re perfect for people who have joint pain and other areas of focus.