Functional Remedies

     Unlike most CBD brands, Functional Remedies controls the entire production process from seed to bottle. Their Chief Science Officer, Tim Gordon, has 25+ years of experience developing CBD rich hemp strains and is one of the leading consultants on hemp growing and legislation. Combine that with their patented extraction process, Functional Remedies offers some of the most nutrient-dense CBD products in the industry.

     Their full-spectrum hemp oil is hand-pressed which avoids chemical solvents and high pressure from traditional CO2 extraction. It’s also preserved using their proprietary LipidTrans™ process. What you’re left with are the highest quality CBD products that are 3rd-party tested for CBD levels and impurities every step of the way.

     Even though they only offer oil tinctures, capsules, and salves, they are the top 3 most effective delivery methods for CBD. On top of that, they were the first CBD company to earn 3 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications for food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. 

  • Post last modified:September 4, 2021