Hats.com is one of the best sources for premium headwear brands in the world.  With styles for both men and women, you’ll find a hat to match any style.  What makes them extra special is their collection of exclusive headwear that you can’t find anywhere else.

     They have of hundreds of hats sourced and made in the USA and offer some of the top brands in world. Here are some of the most popular styles they offer:

  • Baseball and Sport Caps
  • Ivy Caps
  • Western
  • Fedora
  • Bucket
  • Trilby
  • Outback
  • and more!!!

     With over 80 years of dishing out premium headwear, Kangol has had a place in popular culture for good reason.  Over the last 30 years we’ve seen some of the biggest names in Hip Hop rocking their hats.  They have also always been a popular way for golfers to both block the sun and look sharp on the course.  Even though Kangol hats are available on Hats.com, they also offer exclusive styles and deals at Kangol.com.

     For almost 100 years, Bailey Hat Company has lead the industry in western styles of headwear.  Founded by George S. Bailey in Los Angeles, CA, Baily hats quickly gained wide-spread popularity with celebrities to ranchers in Southern California.  Their universal styles are sourced and handmade in the USA.  Just like Kangol, you can also find exclusive products and promotions directly on their site, BailyHats.com.

     Hats.com also features premium apparel and accessories. Most importantly they feature Bickmore hat cleaning supplies, so you can keep all of your caps looking fresh. They have a few choices of clothing, but their selection of designer socks, bags, and scarves is impressive. Accessorize from head-to-toe in style!

  • Post last modified:October 1, 2021