Best Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets 2021 | Trezor One and Model T

Table Of Contents     ***Let me begin by saying that NONE of the information in this article should be used as investment advice. We’re reviewing Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallets because they offer the best platform to safely and securely store cryptocurrencies offline. Any other thoughts or beliefs conveyed about cryptocurrencies are only speculative. The Bitcoin Boom Here at Superior Digital News, we talk a lot about PHYSICAL fitness technology, but you should never neglect your FINANCIAL fitness. The ‘new’ world of Bitcoin, Etherum, Dogecoin, NFT’s, and other cryptocurrencies have been gradually gaining momentum with more and more people figuring out beneficial ways to use the platforms. From currency to fraud-proof contracts, the sky is the limit!      Leading advocates, like Michael Saylor, view cryptocurrencies (specifically Bitcoin) as the safest and most efficient way to store “value” in the history of mankind. Even more than gold! Yet, Mr. Saylor also agrees that the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is still “a few years” in the future, so this market is very volatile. Hence the term, H.O.D.L. (or buy and Hold On for Dear

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