CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker kit - Review by Superior Digital News

CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker | Best Tracker for Soccer

Released to the general public on June 6th, 2018, the full CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker kit is now available on Amazon for under $200. Worn by over 2,000 elite professional soccer players around the world, one of the best features of this tracker is the ability to compare your metrics with one of these pros. Also, the PLAYR App allows you to compete and compare against fellow footballers on your team…

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JBL-Live-650BTNC Wireless-Headphones - White -Review by Superior Digital News

Sony VS Bose VS JBL | Best Wireless Headphones 2019

Wireless headphones are officially the norm with Apple leading the way in taking away our audio port. For those of us who hate jamming earbuds into our ears or just like to listen to music comfortably, picking the right set of headphones is pivotal. We look for 4 main things when it comes to wireless headphones…

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Superior Digital News - Anker-PowerCore-10,000mAh-&-20,000mAh-Portable-Chargers

Best Portable Chargers Of 2019 | Anker PowerCore Series

Does Anker really put out the best portable chargers?

With the latest additions to their PowerCore series, the short answer is, “yes.”  Trusted by well over 30 million mobile customers worldwide, their Power User Program’s specific mission is to keep improving and innovating by creating a direct line of feedback from their users.  The PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh Portable Chargers show just how much they value that feedback.  

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Superior Digital News - Popsocket Collapsible Grip & Stand - Phones & Tablets - Kickstand Function

Popsockets VS Love Handles VS Ring Holders: READ BEFORE YOU BUY!!!

With the release of $1,000 phones like the Samsung Note 10 and iPhone 11 becoming “the norm,” it makes more sense than ever to get a better grip on your mobile device.  With the 3 main options of phone holders (PopSocketsLove Handles, & Ring Holders), it’s hard to pick the best because they each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.  It all depends on how you use your phone or tablet, so hopefully, we can help give you a “better grip” on your choices.

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Top 5: Apple Watch Charging Stands

Everyone has different needs when it comes to charging their mobile devices and Apple Watch charging is no different.  The best Apple Watch charger for one person may not even be an option for another.  Whether you just need an Apple watch stand or you need a charging station for your whole collection of mobile devices, our list features the best of each major charging category.  First up is…

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Superior Digital News - WattUp - Far-Field Wireless Charging Technology

WattUp With Your Charger?! Energous Wire-Free Charging Technology

WattUp, an award-winning, wireless charging technology looks like it was ripped straight from the notes of Nikola Tesla.  Still in final development by Energous Corporation, the technology works like a Wifi router.  Instead of establishing a wireless connection to your modem, the WattUp transmitters use radio frequency to safely charge compatible devices within 15 feet (Near-field) or more.

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Omega J8006 VS Breville Juicers

With all the different choices of juicers out there, your head might be spinning after the first couple you come across. Hopefully, we can shed some light on this subject as we introduce you to the juicer of your future.

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JBL Charge 3 (Grey) Review & Spec | Superior Digital News

#1 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2018: JBL Charge 3

No family of speakers has our attention more than JBL’s selection of high-quality portable bluetooth speakers.  Our personal favorite, out of all of them, is still the JBL Charge 3.  It’s at or around the top of the list of all 3 of these categories:

  • Sound quality 
  • Durability
  • Battery-life

The JBL Charge 3 also features some exclusive extras that should be enough to put it at the top of any music-lover’s portable speaker list.

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Beginners Guide to Maximizing Workouts | Superior Digital News

Beginners Guide: 5 Ways To Maximize Workouts

We all know that the world of health & fitness is full of misinformation, deception, and straight up outlandish claims. Still, all the crash diets, cleanses, and secret fruits from exotic islands can muddy the water and lead even the most experienced astray. This makes it even harder to know where to start. Getting away from the basics will doom any workout regimen, so don’t start out on the wrong foot.

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Jabra Elite & Elite Active 65t True Wireless Earbuds Review | Superior Digital News

Jabra VS MPOW VS Jaybird | Best Wireless Fitness EarBuds

When it comes to picking the right fitness headsets, the fit and durability come first. Nothing is more frustrating than earbuds constantly coming loose during a workout. Even worse is when an expensive pair of “fitness” headphones fall victim to sweat. Companies like Jabra, MPOW, and Jaybird may have just the right solution for you…

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Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ Review By Superior Digital News

Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ Edition

The Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ edition is the best iPhone-compatible fitness smartwatch for one main reason.  You get the broadest wearable experience on iPhone, without missing out on any essential fitness tracking features.  The Apple Watch line has many competitors but, in theory, Apple will always have a leg up on the competition…

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Belkin Wireless Charger Review by Superior Digital News

Top 3: Wireless Chargers For iPhone X & 8

While we wait for Apple to release their own wireless charger, the AirPower, sometime in 2018, these 3 wireless chargers are perfect for iPhone X & 8 models. Plus, with the price of the AirPower rumored to be between $150-$200 it might be in your best interest to look elsewhere. Luckily, there are some wireless chargers made by reputable companies, who have teamed up with Apple to create a solution for the impatient Apple fan.

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Amazon Echo Show Review | Superior Digital News

Amazon Echo Show

See who’s at the door, check security camera’s, or just catch up on the news while you’re fixing breakfast. The dual Dolby-powered speakers mounted below the screen fill the room with your favorite stations from Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more. The 7″ display scrolls lyrics and can play Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube videos while navigating through everything with simple voice commands to Alexa.

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