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We ALL get a case of the munchies from time to time, and it’s always nice to have some of your favorite snacks on deck.  Nobody likes having to go on those late-night munchie runs, especially after the “party has already started.”

     In Snack Mode we feature some of the best healthy snack options. Plus, we share our favorite new twists on some classic treats.  Have fun!!!


      With how difficult it is to find healthy meal bars and protein bars, venturing further out into the “healthy snack” world can be pretty intimidating. Seaweed sheets and Kale chips aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

     Healthy and satisfying snacks are the perfect bridge between healthy meals, so set yourself up for success with this list of our Top 9 Healthy Options. Whether you have a picky 6-year-old or 76-year-old, you’ll find something for the whole family.


Fisher Mixed Nuts

Fisher Mixed Nuts

"Oven-roasted and never fried" is their claim. Making our favorite nut mix is their game. Non-GMO Project verified and seasoned with sea salt, it's also the perfect "base" to craft your own trail mix for your next adventure.

Kind Nut Clusters

Kind Snack Clusters and Minis

Sometimes you don't need a whole granola bar. Enjoy some of your favorite Kind Bar flavors in their 100-Calorie mini bars and superfood snack clusters.

Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites

Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites

They're absolutely perfect when paired with RX Nut Butters or any other nut butter, for that matter. Available in classic Honey, Chocolate, and Cinnamon, they're 100% whole grain and non-GMO.

RX Nut Butters Packs

Rx Nut Butters

Besides producing the best meal replacement bars, the people over at RX also produce some of the tastiest nut butters available. Just like their bars, they have great flavors, only a few ingredients, and no B.S.

Jif To Go Natural Creamy

 KIDS: Jif To-Go Natural Creamy

Make peanut butter on-the-go simple with Jif To-Go Natural Creamy cups. Also available in Classic and Chocolate Silk, they're the perfect dip for apples, celery, crackers, and more!

Annies Homegrown Snacks 1

KIDS: Annie's Homegrown

Among their large variety of healthy food options, their individually-pouched snacks are some of the best healthy options for kids. From fruit snacks to crackers, there are flavors for every taste bud. No picky eaters here!

Bada Bean Bada Boom Variety Pack

Bada Bean Bada Boom

These high-protein vegan snacks are soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They're perfect for salads or all by themselves. Coming in 12+ VERY unique flavors, you can sample them all in their Boom Box Bundle that has 4 of each flavor.

Navitas Organics Power Snacks

Navitas Organics Power Snacks

Coming in 4 flavors, the Navitas Blueberry Hemp Power Snacks is my personal favorite. With no added sugars and a healthy amount of good fats and protein, these superfood bites will still satisfy even the sweetest of teeth.

Prana Snacks Kilimanjaro Deluxe Chocolate


Featuring a huge family of dried fruit, chocolate cluster, gourmet trail mixes, and more, Prana puts the power of healthy snacking in your hands. Their signature Organic Chocolate Bark clusters are filled with flavor AND superfood nutrition.


The place that most of us find ourselves going into full “Snack Mode” is the movie theater. Nowhere else can we justify loading up on popcorn, nachos, and a huge bucket of soda, yet still trying to decide between Milk Duds or Peanut M&M’s.

Much controversy can be had over which movie snacks are the best, but our Top 20 list is filled with OUR personal favorites.


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Swedish Fish Candy
Sour Patch Watermelon
Skittles Candy
Rosarita Nacho Cheese Sauce
Red Vines Licorice Candy
ICEE Freezer Drink Packs 4
Raisinets Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn
Peanut MMs Candy
Black Forest Gummy Bears
Milk Duds Candy
MMs Candy
Eastern Standard Provisions Preztels
Hot Dog and Bun Steamer
Nestle Crunch Bar Minis
Coca Cola Soda
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Candy
Cookie Dough Bites Candy
Hersheys Chocolate Bars Candy 1
Sour Patch Kids Candy


The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” doesn’t apply to our favorite new versions of some classics treats.
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Starburst | Concession Stand @ Superior Digital News
M&M's | Concession Stand @ Superior Digital News

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