Find The Best Ways To Watch A Movie!

In the new post-pandemic world, the movie theater experience looks very different. Whether you’re going out for dinner and a movie, or you’re enjoying it in the comfort of your home, here are the best options for movie-lovers…


      When it comes to getting movie tickets, Fandango has some of the best prices and specials for movie theaters near you. Print out your tickets or simply show the digital copy, so you can save time and skip the ticket booth line. Plus, Fandango displays the amenities for each theater, so you can make sure you pick the one with Luxury Lounger Recliners.

     You can also join Fandango as a VIP to enjoy exclusive deals, sneak peeks, and other insider perks for TRUE movie-lovers. It’s FREE TO JOIN and one of the best benefits is the ability to refund or exchange movie tickets all the way up until the posted start time. To see all of your options, simply enter your zip code and browse your local start-times and theater locations.

     If you’re lucky enough to live by or plan to travel to an area that has an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, take advantage of one of the most unique theater experiences available. The main feature that makes it so unique is that you can get dinner served right at your seat. Plus, besides showing the latest releases, they show a steady rotation of classic movies and select PPV events.

     For dates, parties, and other group outings, their theaters include a main restaurant and bar so you can hang out before and/or after the movie. They also have great group options ranging from renting a theater for personal viewing to hosting corporate events. See if there’s an Alamo Drafthouse near you…



     Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to have dinner and a movie at home.  Services Amazon Prime and FandangoNOW make it easy by allowing you to stream brand new movies that are still in theaters. Plus, streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu are adding their own exclusive films to the home-theater-craze.


     Fandango is one of the best one-stop-shops for watching the latest movies, especially if you want to watch the latest releases in your home movie theater. With FandangoNOW, you can watch what’s in theaters, pre-order movies, or buy almost any movie or show.

     Besides FandangoNOW’s exclusive deals, your access to thousands of hit shows include titles from HBO, Showtime, and more. No commercials, no subscription, and you can watch them from anywhere! 

Amazon Prime Video Logo

     Amazon Prime also a great platform for your home-box-office. Besides getting Amazon Exclusive Movies, early access, and complete soundtracks, you get the complete Amazon suite of features and benefits like:

  • Movies
  • Shows
  • Books
  • Groceries
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Free 2-day shipping (on Prime items)
  • and many other perks!!!

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