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Goal Zero Lighthouse 400

Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern - Emergency Light, Hand Crank, and Charger with Hazard Blinker
Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern and USB Power Hub

King Of The Lighthouse Family

Off the grid or in emergencies, you’ll be glad you have one.  The largest of the six Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern Models, the Lighthouse 400 also has the most features:

  • Hand Crank – For emergency and power outage situations it has a folding hand crank on the top of the lantern.  (Every 1 minute of cranking at 130 RPM will give you 10 minutes of low light.)
  • Legs and Handle – On the top rim, there’s a flip-up handle for carrying or hanging and on the sides there are strong metal collapsible legs. 
  • Long Life – It packs a huge 4,400mAh battery that supplies you with 2.5-48 hours of light depending on how bright you have the light set. It can also give you a full charge on your cell phone or charge GoPros and other action cameras 2-3 times via the USB charging port.
  • Bright 360° Light Fixture – At full brightness, the dual LED light setup puts out 400 lumens of warm light and can also be switched to single-light mode to give you extended hours of usage.  In addition, the on/off dial gives you full control over the brightness in both lighting modes.
  • USB Charging – There’s no need to carry extra batteries, because the Lighthouse 400 has its own built-in USB charging cable that can be connected to wall adapters, car chargers, portable power banks, and directly to compatible solar panel chargers.
  • Emergency Hazard Light – Especially useful in roadside emergencies, the Lighthouse 400 features a hazard button that activates the top-mounted hazard lights that emits a rotating red light effect to signal for help. 

     At 13% off, the Lighthouse 400 remains the best bang for your buck.  The next best Lighthouse Lantern model is the Mini.  Although it doesn’t have the emergency features of the Lighthouse 400, it still offers a USB charging port for your mobile devices and also has an impressive 500-hour runtime on low brightness.    

Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern - Emergency = Charger