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Goal Zero Rock Out 2

Whether you’re outdoors hiking or mountain biking through the wilderness, this is one of the best ways to bring your tunes with you.  With hundreds of “outdoor” and waterproof speakers to choose from, the Rock Out 2 Outdoor Speaker series are definitely the most portable and durable options.  With the newer model available with Bluetooth 3.0 and auxiliary connections, the wired-only version is the better deal and you don’t have to sacrifice any other features.

Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Outdoor Wired Portable Speakers
Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Wireless Outdoor Portable Speaker

Rock Out 2 Outdoor Speaker Key Features

  • Mountable – Built to mount on backpacks, belts, bikes, tents, and more, the built-in bungee cord is designed with versatility in mind.  Featuring an 8-point bungee harness, it can be hung, wrapped, clipped, or gripped to almost anything.  

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Outdoor Wired Portable Speaker Green 8 Point Bungee Cord Harness Mount
8-Point Bungee Harness Mount
  • Long Battery Life – The super-efficient 800 mAh battery keeps the total weight of the speaker at 1lb.  Yet, it lasts for up to 10 hours on the wireless version and up to 20 hours on the wired version (or in wired mode for wireless version). 
  • Great Sound – To keep the audio quality up to par, they feature 2 front mounted speakers for accurate highs and mids.  To produce the extra bass, they have Goal Zero’s patented DarkBass Technology housed inside, which is basically a large passive radiator (for all of you audiophiles out there).  In short, they sound a lot bigger than they look.
  • Full Music Controls – The button panel gives you all the control you need without reaching for your phone.  Front mounted buttons include: Pause/Play, Skip Back, Skip Forward, Volume Up, Volume Down, and of course the Power button.
Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Outdoor Wired Portable Speakers - Music Control Buttons
Music Control Button Panel
  • Built-In Goodies! – What really makes the Rock Out 2 speakers so special is what you find when you open up the clamshell zip pocket. Inside the water-resistant pocket is a mesh pocket to store and protect your phone (making the front mounted music-control buttons even more of a convenience). In addition, it features a built-in USB charging cable, a built-in auxiliary cable, and an additional auxiliary port.  The auxiliary cable and port combo allow you to chain together multiple Rock Out speakers, without the need for extra cables.
Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Outdoor Wireless Portable Speaker - Clamshell Phone Case & Connection Hub
Built-in Phone Case and Connection Hub
Superior Digital News - Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Outdoor Wired Portable Speakers - Available in Red, Green, Blue, and Camoflauge
Both Models Available In A Variety Of Colors