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   The Amazon Echo Show stopped us in our tracks when we started reviewing the latest Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speakers for this year.  We still classify it as a speaker or else it would still be in a league of its own.  

     The main feature that sets it above every other Bluetooth Smart speaker is the beautiful 7″ display.  Plus, the combination of many other unique features make the Echo Show, the perfect centerpiece for anyone’s smart home. 

Amazon Echo Show Features Review | Superior Digital News
Amazon Echo Show

     See who’s at the door, check security camera’s, or just catch up on the news while you’re fixing breakfast.  The dual Dolby-powered speakers mounted below the screen fill the room with your favorite stations from Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more.  

     The 7″ display scrolls lyrics and can play Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube videos while navigating through everything with simple voice commands to Alexa.     

Add Echo DotsEcho Spots, and other Echo Show devices throughout your home for increased functionality.  Alexa’s ability to call any other Echo smart-speaker that it’s been paired to creates a wireless multi-room or multi-building intercom system, and can be used as a whole-home audio system for streaming music and radio on all devices simultaneously.  

     You can also ask Alexa to call directly to family and friends with Echo devices or the Alexa app on their phone for video chatting or emergencies. 

     The greatest feature of smart devices like this is their ability to improve and expand functionality and features through updates.  Connected to Wifi, your Echo device will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest Alexa “Skills” and available apps.  

      Software aside, you’re buying a premium piece of hardware, and if things keep going how they are, then the Amazon software updates should keep this feature-packed device running your smart home for years to come.

Amazon Echo Show