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Anker PowerWave Pad 10W Wireless Charger

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Anker’s PowerWave Pad is the best wireless charger under $20, and also the best option for travelers. The slim and lightweight design makes it easy to pack. Plus, even though it has an older MicroUSB port, they’re still the easiest replacement cords to find if you forget yours at home.

Anker PowerWave Pad - MicroUSB Slot
Anker PowerWave Pad - MicroUSB Slot

Pack Light

     The minimalist design also incorporates the LED charging indicator light. Many wireless charger brands get a little crazy in this area with “LED overkill,” so unless you also need a night light, the PowerWave Pad’s LED is nice and subtle.

Anker PowerWave Pad - Slim Design
Anker PowerWave Pad - Slim Design

Qi-Enabled Power

Powerful enough to fast charge most Qi-enabled phones, it has a 7 Watt mode for iPhones, and a 10 Watt mode for Androids. Plus, it has a 5W mode for charging smaller Qi-enabled devices like, AirPods, Apple Watches, vapes, and more! Available in 2-packs the Anker PowerWave Pad is perfect for power-users with multiple Qi-enabled devices. Here are the main specs, plus eveything we like and don’t like, so you can see if it fits YOUR needs:

Anker PowerWave Pad

Best Wireless Charger Under $20

Anker PowerWave Pad - White
Anker PowerWave Pad - White


  • Output: 5W, 7W, and 10W charging modes
  • Qi-certified
  • MicroUSB port
  • Compatible with cases up to 5mm thick
  • Dimensions: 100mm diameter x 11mm thick
  • Colors: White, Black, and Blue


  • Above-average max power output (10 Watts)
  • Super-slim and lightweight designt
  • Premium non-slip charging surfacet
  • Subtle LED charging indicator light


  • Not powerful enough to FAST CHARGE some larger Android phones
  • Outdated MicroUSB port
  • Doesn’t come with a wall adapter
Anker PowerWave Pad - 7W and 10W Modes
Anker PowerWave Pad - 7W and 10W Modes


      Just like most of their devices, the Anker PowerWave Pad punches well above its weight. On top of the premium charging technology, they added a nice touch with the non-slip top and bottom surfaces. It keeps your charger AND phone from sliding around on your desk, nightstand, or RV.  At well under $20, there’s simply no better option.

Anker PowerWave Pad - Other Qi-Enabled Devices
Anker PowerWave Pad - Other Qi-Enabled Devices

Best Mobile Accessory Bundle

If you’re looking for the best wireless charger under $20, then you’re probably looking for the best value in other mobile accessories, too. Luckily, Anker, and their audio subsidiary Soundcore, offer the best value in charging, power, and mobile audio. Here’s our Anker Triple Threat Bundle:

Featuring 3 best-in-class Anker accessories, the whole bundle is less than $100!