Boosted Board Dual+ Series Specs:

  • Speed: Up to 22 MPH
  • Range: 7 Miles (Standard Battery; SR Model), 14 Miles (Extended Battery; XR Model)
  • Charging: AC Adapter; 30 mins to 85% quick charge
  • Hill Climbing: Up to 25% Grade 
  • Weight: 15.6 LBS
  • Deck Material: Flexible Bamboo
  • Wheel Style: Orangatang 80mm
  • Ride Modes: 4 Ride Levels (Beginner to Experts)
  • Dimensions: 11.0in W, 38.0in L, 5.2in H
  • Power: 2,000 Watts
  • Trucks: Composite Steel

    Easily the best and safest E-Skateboard on the market because of one feature:


     In our hunt to find the best electric skateboard, we had one priority over all others, and that’s safety.  Most of the boards we tried were eliminated after the first time trying to use the brakes, especially at higher speeds. Nothing’s scarier than tapping the breaks and feeling like the board is getting pulled out from under you at 20+ mph.  Ironically, brakes aren’t a normal feature you talk about when picking a skateboard, but Boosted Board makes the braking system a pivotal part of the board’s overall function.

     The Boosted Board Dual+ features a regenerative braking system that charges the battery back up when going back down hills and gives you another dimension of control on flat surfaces. What makes the braking system on the Boosted Board Dual+ superior to the competition is the sensitivity of the brakes.   They don’t jolt you to a stop like most, yet they come on strong enough to completely stop you faster than most boards, too.

     After you get past the safety, the Boosted Board Dual+ has a few other features that keep it at the top of the list of E-Skateboards:

Boosted Board's Key Features:

  • Removable battery.  On top of having a braking system that will charge your board when going down hills and kick-pushing, the battery is easily removable for swapping out on the fly. Carry 1 or 2 fresh batteries in your backpack for EXTRA extended range.
  • Super smooth acceleration.  Boosted Board accelerates the same as it slows down. Smooth, yet quick.  Starting from a complete stop can put you on your butt with some of these e-skateboards out here, but the Boosted Board has a very forgiving and efficient acceleration curve, yet is still one of the fastest from 0-15 mph.
  • Belt driven.  While there is a good case for in-wheel motors on e-skateboards, the belt-driven Boosted Board allows you to use any traditional longboard wheels you choose.  Customize with a different color or bump up the size from the stock 80mm wheels, for a smoother ride and higher top speed.
  • Modular design.  Just like swapping out wheels, the completely modular design allows even beginner riders to swap broken or upgraded parts easily.  Also, an accessory port on the front allows you to add LED headlights, cameras, and other gadgets.
  • Waterproof.  We don’t recommend it, but you can actually ride in the rain on the boosted board, so if you get stuck in the rain with a mile or two to go, you can push through without wrecking your board.

The Bottom Line

     Whether you ride for fun, for your commute, or both, you won’t find a better board (AND company) to support your lifestyle.  From beginners to experts, the Boosted Board is easy to use and impossible to outgrow. Between the 4 “Modes” of performance levels and the customizable design,  it may be the only board you need.