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"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."

You’ve entered Chef Mode. I guess now you have time to get more creative in the kitchen. With better health being one of the main reasons people are looking to get better in the kitchen, the best way to succeed is to make the process as easy as possible. In this Chef Mode, we do just that.

     Understanding proper nutrition and cooking methods are the top two things that will help you be a successful chef. Plus, cooking from scratch is the best way to promote health and wellness. That’s why we also reviewed some of the best tools to maximize your kitchen’s cooking and storage space. Our goal is to help you build a great foundation to start your growth Good luck on your journey through the world of culinary arts.




Ancient Nutrition

      The Keto lifestyle has a very polarizing image, but there are many essential lessons it can teach us about the relationship between our body and what we consume. Inspired by an ancient treatment for epilepsy, the ketogenic diet was recently updated by doctors in the 1920s and was the most successful natural treatment for epilepsy, especially in children.  Then in 1972, Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution polarized the nation with the idea that fat is GOOD and the controversy around Dr. Atkins continues to this day.

New-School Nutrition

      Fast forward to the 2000s and the ketogenic diet is back in full effect. Just like any other commercialized diet or lifestyle, the market has been flooded with “keto-friendly” products. Now it’s just as easy to be a junk-food-ketogenic as it is to be a junk-food-vegetarian. You hear promises like: “You can eat all the bacon you want!” Then again, if that’s what gets you to look into it with more detail then, “YES, YOU CAN EAT ALL THE BACON YOU WANT!”

28-Day Challenge

      In all seriousness, whether you’re looking to go 100% keto or you’re just looking to upgrade your current diet and lifestyle, let Keto Resource be your guide. Their 28-day challenge is a simple program to learn the core fundamentals of the ketogenic lifestyle. More importantly, it helps you understand what you’re feeling through every step of the way, so you stay focused. It’s hard to get to your destination if you don’t have the directions.  That’s exactly what you get with the Keto Challenge, if your goal is to shop, cook, and eat healthier. 

Keto Cookbook Bundle

     For a limited time, they’re also giving away their Keto Cookbook Bundle for ONLY THE PRICE OF SHIPPING ($9.99). Their Simply Tasty cookbook features 150 simple recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The other book in the bundle, InstaKeto, features 50 recipes specifically for your Instant Pot. It also teaches you how to cook with an Instant Pot, if you’re new to that as well. GET THEM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE!


     Cooking from scratch can be a little intimidating to those of us not used to it. Especially when it comes to what to buy at the grocery store. While the Keto Challenge puts the knowledge in your head, Home Chef puts the food in your kitchen. With the best variety out of any other home cooking program, Home Chef features a huge selection of lifestyle categories, including keto, vegetarian, dairy-free, and many more.

     The biggest benefit of Home Chef’s program is that everything is separately packaged and portioned by meal. This provides beginners with the ability to step outside of the box in the simplest possible way. Another thing we really like about Home Chef is that they let you surf through their whole inventory of meals and recipes, so you get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into before you pull the trigger. Here are the main things we like and don’t like about the Home Chef Program:


  • The recipe cards included are easy to follow and include step-by-step pictures online
  • HUGE meal variety
  • Able to customize which protein you want to use on most meals
  • Cool add-ons like smoothies, deserts, protein-only packs, and more
  • Meals start at $7.99 per serving!!!
  • Student discount


  • No vegan options
  • May need to invest in some more kitchenware like a meat thermometer and zester to execute certain recipes


     Home Chef provides even the greenest of chefs the opportunity to “plate like a pro.” They also work around many major food allergies and diets with recipe categories like these:

  • Nut-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Carb & Calorie Conscious
  • and more…

      If you’re still on the fence about Home Chef, right now would be the time to try it out. As a new customer, they’re offering $30 off of your first order. That’s 3 free meals! Click the link below to browse their menu and you’ll see what we’re ranting and raving about.


      If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, Amazon Fresh is the best way to create your own masterpieces while still getting fresh ingredients plopped on your doorstep. If you’re lucky enough to live in a location where Amazon Fresh is available there’s no better time to take advantage of this service. It cost an extra 14.99 per month, but you get to grocery shop from your couch! Plus, SNAP EBT participants get FREE access to Amazon Fresh and you can even make purchases with your EBT card. Click here to see if Amazon Fresh delivers to you…


1. Superfood Trays With Lids

Frozen Fun

      Whether you’re making JELLO shots for Grandma’s birthday or frozen green juice cubes for a superfood boost to your smoothies, covered ice trays are an essential addition to your kitchen. Obviously, the lids help prevent spilling any of that “good stuff” and they make it easier to stack multiple trays, but there’s an additional feature you may not be thinking of.

     If you’ve been spoiled for years by a fridge with a built-in ice maker, you may have missed the dawning of silicone ice trays. Instead of wrestling a rigid, plastic tray, that ends up shooting a few cubes across the kitchen, silicone trays allow you to pop out single cubes with ease. Additionally, if you’re going to be saving homemade vegetable juice, pesto, tomato paste, and other prepared ingredients, you want to be able to remove one or more of those cubes as clean as possible.

“Coolest” Style

     My favorite trays are the Doqaus Silicone-bottom Ice Trays because they have the best of both worlds. The frames and lids are made with ridged BPA-free plastic for easy handling and stacking. Yet, the bottom of each cube cup is made of flexible BPA-free silicone for easy and clean cube removal. Also, the dishwasher-safe BPA-free plastic and silicone are safe enough to freeze homemade baby food.

     Doqaus’ newest versions have redesigned lids that separate and seal each individual cube for less spillage and mess. They sell them in packs of 4 and the new low price is less than $14, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

2. Vacuum Sealing Systems

Avid Armor A100 Vacuum Sealing System Meat Storage

     Another way to take advantage of bulk savings, sales, and seasonal deals on produce is by using a vacuum sealing system. FoodSaver has always had the best reputation in the game when it comes to quality and consistency. Also, they back up their products with an impressive 5-YEAR WARRANTY!

     FoodSaver has models in all shapes and sizes, but we narrowed down our list to the best beginner, intermediate, and expert level vacuum sealing systems. FoodSaver fits most people’s needs and that’s why they took the beginner and intermediate spots, but for expert-level food-preppers, we have a special treat. 

Top 3 Vacuum Sealing Systems

1. FoodSaver FM2000

     If you’re a beginner or just looking to save some leftovers once in a while, the FoodSaver FM2000 is perfect. The FM2000 provides you with the best vacuum sealing for the price and it comes with a handheld connection for sealing more than just bags.

2. FoodSaver V4840

     This is the Cadillac of vacuum sealing systems. Everything is automatic from bag detection to moist-food detection. It also features a built-in handheld sealer for zipper bags, containers, jars, and wine bottles.

3. Avid Armor A100

     If the FoodSaver V4840 is the Cadillac of vacuum sealing systems then the Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer is the Mack Truck. This commercial-grade vacuum sealing system is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and features an impressive 680 Watts of vacuum power. It also comes with an accessory port and vacuum tube for zipper bags, containers, jars, and wine bottles.

3. Chest Freezer

Midea 5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer

Best Chest Freezers Under $350

     One thing you’ll learn in Chef Mode is that you can never have enough freezer space. It gives you the opportunity to have a larger variety of ingredients on demand, and it’s the perfect place to store your vacuum-sealed foods and meal-prep containers. In 2020, we also learned how essential they are in emergencies, so consider that when you’re picking the size.

     If space is a little tight, the Midea 3.5 ft³ Chest Freezer will fit most small with its 21″ x 22″ footprint. On the other hand, if you have space, their 7.0 cubic foot is the best bang for your buck. Whichever one you choose, they all have the same premium features including:

  • -12° to -28° Adjustable thermostat
  • Stay-open door from 45° to 75° angles
  • Screw-off drain cover on the front for easy cleaning
  • Hanging wire storage baskets
  • 218 Kilowatt hours per year
  • Full 1-year warranty (2-year compressor warranty)

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