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Bionic Power’s PowerWalk Kinetic Energy Harvester is in it’s third military trial; Beats Solo 3 Wireless Heaphones just dropped below $200; Amazfit Bip’s amazing 30-days+ battery life; Fitbit Ace kids activity tracker.


Bionic Power

Currently in their 3rd military trial, the kinetic energy harvester, made by Bionic Power, is a promising new piece of tech for outdoor enthusiast or survivalist. Aptly named PowerWalk, the device is able to use the motions of walking to produce energy that can power a device or charge a battery.

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Bionic Power - PowerWalk Kinetic Energy Harvester | Superior Digital News
Pic courtesy of Bionic Power
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  • 40 hour battery-life
  • On-ear controls
  • Calls, music, Siri and more
Superior Digital News | News, Reviews, and Deals on the best technology for health, fitness, and fun


Amazfit Bip

$20 OFF

Starting Under $80!!!

     The AmazFit Bip uses the same Transflective Display as Pebble watches. These “e-paper” displays make viewing easy in any lighting condition and also save a huge amount of battery life, which is why the AmazFit Bip can go a month strong on one charge.

Your not going to find an app store for any extras, but you’ll get all of your calls, messages, and notifications via alert and vibration. On top of that, the ZEPP app (Google Play Store) (iTunes Store) companion app will give you all of the basic fitness data the average user will ever need including:

  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Various workout types
  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • and more

With the lack of smart features, we see this watch as more of a fitness tracker with a REALLY cool screen. At the current price range, the Bip is the best fitness tracking option. The GPS, IP68 waterproof rating, and 30-days+ battery life should be enough for any serious workout warrior. Plus, with a standard 20mm watchband, you can customize it to match your style or fitness needs.

Superior Digital News | News, Reviews, and Deals on the best technology for health, fitness, and fun
Fitbit Ace Review & Release Date | Superior Digital News
Pic courtesy of Fitbit

Do you have to cut the power to your house to get the kids off the games? Fitbit has released the Ace. Their first activity tracker for kids, and it looks exactly like the Fitbit Alta. There’s no heart rate monitor or built-in GPS like some of their more advanced fitness trackers, but what makes the Fitbit Ace unique are the goals, messages, and other options that are geared toward kids age 8-13. Also, just like all Fitbit wearables, your child doesn’t need a smartphone to use it.

Like we talked about in our review of the Fitbit Ionic and Versa, the Fitbit app (Google Store) (iTunes) is one of the most complete and simple-to-use fitness apps on the market. Simply create a family profile on the free Fitbit app, which is available on your phone, tablet, or computer. Once everyone is connected, you can view the whole family’s activity levels, at any time and from any device.

Every parent, who lets the kids have a little tablet or TV time, knows how easy it is for them to slip into a zombie-like focus on the screen. Having a tracker that helps you break the streaming habits of today’s youth and helps to build HEALTHY habits as a family, should be a tool in every parent’s belt.

Fitbit’s new family account is a fun way to connect, motivate, and hold everyone in the family accountable. Send your spouse or kids a friendly taunt or cheer them on as you compete in friendly competitions. You’re kids will also have their own personal badges to earn and can view all the trophies they’ve won in various challenges. You’ll probably end up taking the stairs a few extra times yourself, just to make sure your kids can’t talk smack at the dinner table.