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Ring Video Doorbell and Security System

Whats New With Ring?

The all-new Ring Video Doorbell 3 gets a few nice upgrades and still remains the king of plug-and-play security camera services. If you’re familiar with Ring doorbell cameras, or you already have a previous version, there’s really only one big upgrade that may interest you. The new Ring Doorbell 3 comes with a faster 5.0GHz Wifi connectivity option.

     The “Plus” version of the new model also includes a Pre-Roll feature that gives you a 4-second video preview. It gives you extra footage on the front end and back end of motion-activated footage so you don’t miss anything. If you have the Ring Doorbell 2 it’s not a huge upgrade but you’ll notice a huge difference in video quality when compared to older models.

Best Of Both Worlds

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Battery Backup
RIng Doorbell 3 | #1 Doorbell Camera

     What seems to be the goal with the 3rd edition is to marry the best features of the 2nd edition and the Ring Doorbell Pro. With the latest release, you’re getting the 5GHz Wifi and video quality of the Pro. Plus you’re getting the convenient removable battery backup from the Doorbell 2nd edition. This allows you to avoid missing gaps during power outages.

     More importantly, the replaceable battery gives you more freedom of placement. Get the best viewing angle without being restricted by wiring. In fact, one of the most popular placements for the battery-powered versions is directly below your peephole. You get a front-and-center view of the action and the 160° horizontal viewing angle gives you a full field of view.

Ring App Dashboard Modes and Camera Views (Top - Ring Doorbell 3) (Bottom - Ring Floodlight Camera)


      For the record, if you already have a Ring Doorbell 2, Pro, or Elite, and they’re working fine for your needs, you’re probably wasting your money upgrading. If you have any models other than those, you can count on a nice upgrade in hardware and software improvements. From video quality to motion capturing, the Ring Doorbell 3 is far superior and well worth the investment to upgrade.

Special Bundles

Ring Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 5 Bundle

Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 5 Bundle
Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 5 Bundle is giving you a nice discount when you bundle your new Ring Doorbell with an Echo Show. View Ring footage from all of your cameras and doorbells right on the 5″ or 8″ Amazon Echo Show display. The Show is also one of the most powerful devices to control your whole Alexa-based smart home system. With all Ring devices being Alexa-compatible, that control also extends to your complete Ring home security system.

Other Ring Devices

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Security Camera
Ring Floodlight Security Camera

     Besides doorbells, one of Ring’s most powerful devices is the Ring Floodlight Camera. Even though it can only be hardwired, that’s what makes this device so powerful. The two 3000° Kelvin Floodlights and 1080p HD camera are motion-activated. Plus, you get full control over what’s captured by setting up motion zones and other advanced settings in the Ring app.

Ring Spotlight Cam and Solar Panel Combo

Ring Spotlight Camera
Ring Spotlight Camera
Ring Solar Panel
Ring Solar Panel

      For those hard-to-reach places, the Ring Spotlight Cam paired with the Ring Solar Panel is essential. The Ring Spotlight is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery and the compact solar panel keeps it topped off. Both are easily mounted with the included brackets and, as usual, they’re covered by Ring’s theft warranty. All you need is some sun and Wifi signal, and you can cover difficult areas with Ring’s premium security surveillance service.