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WattUp Wireless Charging

WattUp is an award-winning wireless charging technology that looks like it was ripped straight from the notes of Nikola Tesla.   Still in final development by the Energous Corporation, the technology works like a Wifi router.  Instead of establishing a wireless connection to your modem, the WattUp transmitters use radio frequency to connect to the battery.  

     Their transmitters will safely charge compatible devices within 15 feet or more. The distance all depends on which wire-free charging transmitter your using:

  • Near- Field
  • Mid-Field
  • Far-Field 

WattUp Mid Field Wireless Charging Technology
Pic courtesy of Energous

Ultimate Convenience

     The technology is designed to keep your devices topped off whenever they’re in range.  Also, using a mobile app or cloud-based web portal, you can manage which devices get charging priority.  If that’s a little out of your wheelhouse, their software can automatically prioritize your devices based on usage patterns.

WattUp Near Field Wireless Charging Technology
Pic courtesy of Energous

Efficient Networking

     The possibilities are endless with this type of wireless charging technology, and home security systems will be getting some of the best benefits.   Drilling through walls and running wires through attics are already getting to be a thing of the past.  Wireless COMMUNICATION is the new standard in smart-home security systems.  Now it’s time for wireless CHARGING!

     With the technology able to be easily scaled, Wifi enabled video doorbellsmotion sensors, and other peripherals can be placed with almost unlimited freedom.   Other devices that will benefit greatly are: tabletscell phonescamerasgaming controllers, and wearables (smartwatchesfitness trackers, and Bluetooth headsets.) 

Mens SKIIN Smart Underwear and Sensor
Pic courtesy of SKIIN


     In 2018, Energous announced a very interesting adaption of the technology.   Surprisingly, the first consumer “WattUp-enabled” products are SKIIN Smart Underwear made by Myant.  Available on their website (, the pack includes 4 pairs of underwear and all of the electronic peripherals.   

     The module that houses the sensors has a 6-day battery life, so no charger needed on those weekend trips.  The package also includes the WattUp Near Field transmitter for wireless charging at-a-distance.  

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