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BlueKey World


Superior Digital News - BlueKey-Cable-Clip-Organizer---Multi-Cable-Design

The BlueKey World Cable Clip Organizers are an Amazon #1 Best Seller for good reason.   For a limited time, they have a ‘buy 3, get 1 free’ deal, exclusively on  Here are a few things that we like about these cable clip organizers in particular:

  • Their larger size gives them the ability to hold multiple charging cables or larger cables like Coax and HDMI cables.   

  • Their larger adhesive pads leave surfaces residue-free, while still allowing for a secure connection to most surfaces.  
Superior Digital News - BlueKey-Cable-Clip-Organizer---Size-Comparison
BlueKey World Cable Clip Organizers are larger for more options!

Perfect for:

  • Wall-mounted TV’s
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Work office
  • Home office
  • Cars
  • Night stands
  • Indoor Christmas lighting
  • and more…