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Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh

Superior Digital News - Anker PowerCore 20,000mAh Portable Charger - Ultra-High Capacity - 4.8A Output
Does Anker really put out the best portable chargers?

With the latest additions to their PowerCore series, the short answer is, “yes.”   Anker is trusted by well over 30 million mobile customers worldwide, and their Power User Program’s specific mission is to keep improving and innovating by creating a direct line of feedback from their users.  The Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh Portable Chargers show just how much they value that feedback.  

     Built for the average every-day user, both sizes of the PowerCore Lite series (10,000mAh & 20,000mAh) have dual inputs so you won’t be stuck without the right charging cable.  Featuring both a Micro USB & USB Type-C input, you have the added benefit of using the higher speed USB-C port for faster recharging of the portable charger itself.  

      Also, on top of the USB-C input, the newer style of cell offers even faster charging for the PowerCore, so you spend even less time on a “leash,” compared to traditional portable chargers.

Superior Safety

      With an abundance of safety features,  your safe from input/output short-circuiting, over/under voltage, overheating cells, and more.   Anker’s patented MultiProtect technology provides the ultimate safety for both devices and users.  

High Speed & Capacity

      For charging up your devices, you’ll get a 2.4A max output per port in dual fast charging mode and 3A max if one of the devices doesn’t support fast charging.  (It’s literally like plugging your phone into the wall.)  

     Packing a whopping 20,000mAh, the PowerCore Lite will give you over 5 full charges on newer Samsung Galaxy phones and over 7 full charges on newer iPhones.   The dual premium battery cell design replaces traditional multi-cell [18650] designs, making the device lighter and much more portable

Trickle Charging Mode

     If you need to charge up your Bluetooth earbuds, headset, or another mobile device with an extra small battery, there’s Trickle Charging Mode.  This mode is automatically activated when one of these devices are plugged into the PowerCore so you don’t wear out the smaller batteries over time.  

      Additionally, Anker’s PowerIQ technology is their version of Samsung’s Fast Adaptive charging, so regardless of what type of mobile device is plugged in, it’ll always charge quick and safe.

     Finished off with a fire-proof shell and premium anti-slip textured exterior, Anker backs up all of their products with an 18-month warranty.  Their quality and craftsmanship expand across all of their electronics and accessories.  Here are some of our other favorite Anker portable chargers that may fit your needs better:

PowerCore Fusion

      Anker’s 2-In-1 wall charger and portable charger is on of their most convenient chargers.  You get the power of charging 2 devices from the wall, along with the mobility of 5,000mAh of portable charging power.  Unplug and go while still charging your connected device.

PowerCore II Slim 10,000

      With about the same overall dimensions of your average smartphone, the PowerCore II Slim is the sleekest of them all.  You’d never know it packs 10,000mAh just by looking at it, but plug your phone in and you see the award-winning speed and capacity.

PowerCore+ 26800 PD

      The MacBook users best friend, the PowerCore+ features a 2-way USB-C port that can push 30W of power.   With the huge 26,800mAh capacity, you can keep your MacBook going for more than 2-times as long as normal.

PowerCore AC

     The PowerCore+ 26,800 not powerful enough?  Step up to this bad boy.  Pushing 90W, the PowerCore AC is the perfect companion for traveling businessmen and women. With a 110V AC plug, you can charge almost any small laptop.