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Maxboost Tempered Glass

Don’t get suckered into getting the $40 dollar tempered glass screen protector when you’re in the store upgrading to the new iPhone XS Max.  They promise the lifetime warranty that gives you a “free” replacement anytime it cracks, but what they don’t tell you is that there’s a $5 shipping fee for every claim.  

The Maxboost bundle gives you 3 tempered glass screen protectors up-front for a fraction of the price.  They also offer a lifetime warranty if you happen to go through all three, but you can always make the claim when you’re on the last one.  This way, you don’t have to suffer with a cracked protector while you wait, or worse yet go without protection while your new ones are getting shipped.

The ultra- slim, 9H hardness tempered glass protects the huge 6.5″ screen without losing any touch sensitivity.  In addition, the bundle includes a fool-proof application frame, so you get the protector on straight every time.   It’s also cut to perfectly cover the “business part” of the screen only, so it’s compatible with virtually any iPhone XS Max case.