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Beats Fit Pro Wireless Workout Earbuds

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     The Beats Fit Pro are their first earbuds with ear wings, an essential fitness-friendly feature. Here are ALL the reasons why these should be your next set of workout earbuds!

Beats Fit Pro


image of the new Volt Yellow Color option of the Beats Fit Pro


  • Battery Life (ANC OFF) – 7 hrs (30 hrs total with charging case)
  • Battery Life (ANC ON) – 6 hrs (18 hrs total with charging case)
  • Dust/Water Resistance – IPX4
  • Fast Charging – 5 min gives you 1 hr of listening
  • Charge Type – USB-C
  • Driver Size – 9.5mm
  • Bluetooth Version – Apple H1 Chip (100-meter range!)
  • Noise Cancellation – Yes
  • Accessory Kit – 3 sets of ear tips
  • NEW COLOR OPTIONS!!! Volt Yellow, Tidal Blue, and Coral Pink


  • Apple H1 Chip for premium audio quality, secure connection, audio sharing, and more
  • Slim charging case
  • Supports Spatial Audio (360° surround sound)
  • Great active noise cancelling and transparency modes
  • Secure fit with their first ear wing (wingtip) design
  • Unique Sage Gray and Stone Purple finish options
  • Decent battery life


  • Limited onboard controls
  • No wireless charging
  • On-size-fits-all ear wing design
  • Only IPX4 water and dust resistance
Beats Fit Pro - Comfortable and Secure Fit
Beats Fit Pro - Comfortable and Secure Fit

Style and Design (Beats Buds 2?!)

     It seems like they copied the Samsung Buds 2 with their color options, but that’s ok. All of the color choices are pretty stylish, but in the end, I still like the look of the classic Beats Black the most.

     The thing I really wish they copied from the Samsung Buds 2 is the more compact charging case. While the charging case for the Beats Fit Pro is pretty slim (height), there’s a little extra length and width for no apparent reason.

     It still fits in your pocket pretty nicely, though, especially compared to the Powerbeats Pro.

Beats Fit Pro - Ear Tips and Wings
Ear Tips and Wings

Comfort and Fit

     Finally! A set of wireless workout earbuds from under the Apple umbrella that have ear wings!

     Instead of big clunky ear hooks that go over and around the whole ear, the Beats Fit Pro designed their own style of ear wings, called wingtips. In typical Apple fashion, they’re one size fits all, unlike other brands that come with 3 or 4 sizes.

     Truthfully, this is a big step for Apple and Beats, so we can’t get too picky. Plus, they come with 3 sizes of ear tips, so you can still customize the fit.

     Even though the wingtips can’t be swapped out for different sizes, the design style and materials give them a secure yet comfortable fit.

Beats Fit Pro - 9.5mm Drivers
Large 9.5mm Drivers

Sound Quality

     They have the Beats sound signature, notorious for having “a little extra” bass, so no surprise. But, just like the Beats Studio Buds, they make your audio experience simple and customized at the same time.

     The adaptive EQ does an excellent job at making any genre sound good by adjusting critical frequencies based on the shape of your ear canal. Plus, they feature 9.5mm drivers, which are a nice jump from the 8.2mm drivers in the Studio Buds.

Noise Cancelling

     The active noise cancelling is pretty impressive. But, on the other hand, the noise-isolating fit you get from the new wingtips is adequate in most situations. Especially since you can squeeze out an extra hour of listening with ANC turned off.

     Personally, I like the Transparency mode more than anything. It’s essential if you need to stay aware on the road or chop it up with your workout buddies.

Beats Fit Pro - On-Ear Controls
On-Ear Controls

Wireless Connection

     The Beats Fit Pro feature the Apple H1 chip, which is one of the main things we didn’t see in the Beats Studio Buds. But, at the same time, there’s not that much of a difference in audio performance.

     You now get Spatial Audio, Audio Sharing, and most of the other luxury features we see on the Apple AirPods Pro.

     Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the connection is quick and solid every time.


     If you’re going to market them as “wireless workout earbuds,” we’d typically like to see more than just IPX4 water resistance. Obviously, you shouldn’t go swimming with them, but I’m a heavy sweater, and they’ve held up through some intense workouts so far.


     For the price, I was surprised not to see wireless charging and only limited on-ear control options. However, the Beats Fit Pro still have all of the essentials to power your workouts, so these are excellent alternatives to the AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Studio Buds.

     The ear wings (wingtips) are the main feature that sets them apart from any other set of Apple or Beats earbuds. They make them more practical for “all-day” earbuds versus the bulky ear hooks on the Powerbeats Pro.

     To put it simply, the Beats Fit Pro are hands-down the most versatile, comfortable, and best-sounding earbuds that Apple and Beats have to offer.

Beats Fit Pro White - Slim Charging Case
Slim Charging Case