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Best Phone Wallet And Holder 2021 | PopWallet VS StickyWallet

Combining your phone and wallet can be risky because if you lose one, you lose both. That’s why those of you who have a hard time keeping track of your phone should probably just stick with regular phone holders, and keep your wallet in your pocket or purse.

     If you have the “balls” to put yourself in the position of both risk and convenience, then our review of the Top 2 Phone Wallets is perfect for you.

Which Style Phone Wallet To Choose?

     There are tons of options for phone wallets that either stick on the back of your phone or are integrated into your case. Having a phone wallet with an integrated holder makes it easier to handle the additional bulk of the wallet. Especially if you’re rockin’ a larger phone like the Samsung Note Series or iPhone Plus/Max models.

     Both of our picks are top-notch when it comes to features, but they serve different styles of phone use. One of the biggest differences is whether you use wireless chargers and another is what kind of phone holder you prefer. Check out our in-depth review of each and find the style perfect for you.

Phone Wallet and Holder

image of a PopSockets PopWallet+ Phone Wallet and Holder
PopSockets PopWallet+ Breakdown


  • Quick-release mount so you can easily use a wireless charger
  • PopSocket version also acts as a phone kickstand
  • PopGrip-free version (Regular PopWallet)
  • Thumb slot for easy card removal
  • Available in premium finishes
  • PopSockets handles can be swapped out and are compatible with all PopSockets models
  • Premium adhesive is washable and reusable
  • Easy-to-use PopSockets car phone mount and other styles of PopMounts (sold separately)
  • 10’s of finishes to choose from (patterns, sports teams, pop culture, and more)
  • Fully customizable versions
PopSockets CarMount 2 - White
PopSockets CarMount 2 - White


  • Very bulky when fully loaded
  • Doesn’t hold keys and other items very well
  • Adhesive doesn’t stick directly to certain phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max (you’re recommended to use a suitable case)
PopWallet - Oil Agate Pattern


     There are 3 main reasons you should choose the PopWallet+ over the StickyWallet.

  1. The first one is if you’re already a PopSockets user and lover. You get the same look and feel as classic PopSockets and you can swap any of your other PopSockets onto the PopWallet+.
  2. The second main reason to choose the PopWallet+ is the unique PopMount options that can secure your phone even when you’re not holding it. They offer a nice variety of PopMount styles for your car, desk, and more. My favorite one is the PopMount 2 Car & Desk because it’s repositionable and you can mount your phone at almost any angle.
  3. The third main reason to choose the PopWallet is the quick release feature. The PopWallet is held on by a plastic stick-on base that allows you to quickly slip off the PopWallet so you can wirelessly charge your phone or swap it for a different PopWallet.

     One of the coolest things about PopWallets and PopSockets is that they have hundreds of finishes, colors, and patterns to choose from. You can also choose from your favorite teams, pop culture icons, and more. If that’s not enough, you can customize your own from the ground up.

PopSockets PopWallet+ Create-Your-Own

2. The StickyWallet

Phone Wallet And Holder

The-StickyWallet-+-Ring Phone Wallet and Holder
The StickyWallet + Ring Holder


  • Spandex pocket can hold more than just cards
  • Spandex material is easy to clean and extremely durable
  • Elastic strap version is the most comfortable phone wallet and holder combo
  • Spandex pocket holds cards tight whether you have 1 or more in it
  • Ring holder version also acts as a perfect phone kickstand
  • Front pocket has a flap so cash, keys, and other valuables stay put
  • Best design for running, walking, and doing other fitness activities with your phone
  • Compatible with most magnet car phone mounts
  • 20+ colors and patterns to match any style


  • Not able to use a wireless charger (unless you attach the StickyWallet to a case that’s easily removable)
  • Can get pretty bulky when holding items like cash and keys
  • The StickyWallet Strap version is only compatible with right-hand usage because of the design angle
The StickyWallet + Bling Ring Holder
The StickyWallet + Bling Ring Holder


There are two main versions of The StickyWallet. Just like the PopWallet+, you can choose between 2 main versions:

     The StickyWallet’s main advantages are its security and comfort. On top of being comfortable, the spandex material is super durable and easy to clean. Whether you choose the ring holder version or elastic strap version of the StickyWallet, you’ll be getting a more secure grip than with PopSockets.

     For these reasons, we recommend the StickyWallet for runners and walkers. If you don’t use an armband phone holder, you’ll still be able to carry your card, house key, and phone altogether.

     Another unique feature is the built-in metal plate that makes them compatible with magnetic phone mounts. The magnetic connection is strong so it will hold in portrait or landscape mode. The mounting angle will depend on which style of magnetic mount you choose, but there are many different styles to choose from.

The StickyWallet + Ring Holder - Black
The StickyWallet + Ring Holder - Black