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KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet & Shelf

Perfect for dorms, bathrooms, studio apartments, RV’s, and anywhere else with limited outlet options. The KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet is the perfect space-saver for anyone with 3 or more devices and appliances that they want to keep them handy and safe. Recently released and already low priced, it’s value and convenience are second-to-none.

KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet Shelf For Any Room

     The KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet features everything you need to turn your old outlet into a power center:

  • 6 (125V) grounded outlets
  • 3 Fast-charging USB ports
  • Removable shelf for safety and convenience
  • Built-in 1080 Joule surge protection
KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet Shelf | Before & After

Power Outlets

      The 6 front-facing outlets can handle everything from a night light to a big screen TV. Protected by built-in surge protection, there are even indicator lights to ensure proper power and safety. Also, the sideways placement of the outlets gives you the ability to use all of them without as many overlapping issues.

KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet & USB Ports

USB Ports

      The 3 USB ports give you the ultimate space-saving ability. Just use your devices’ charge cable and skip using the bulky wall adapters that come your mobile devices. They only have a total output of 3.4A at 5V. On the other hand, the single port max output is 2.4A for fast-charging Samsung phones, tablets, and more.

Convenient Removable Shelf

      The 8.1″ x 3.3″ removable shelf gives you the ability to place multiple devices in one safe place. In our opinion, the bathroom and kitchen are the best places for this feature. Keep electronic toothbrushes, smart home speakers, electric razors, and more, out of the water and out of the way. With the optional center screw slot, the shelf can hold up to 8 lbs!

KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet Shelf | Protection & Safety

Surge Protection & Safety

     The built-in surge protector ensures that lightning strikes, overloads, and short circuits won’t cause any problems. This makes it an essential addition to older homes, campers, and RV’s. Additionally, the ABS shell is fire resistant up to 1382º F!

KPSTEK Multi-Plug Outlet | Easy Installation

     For less than $20, it’s a small price to pay for the added safety and convenience. Also, we forgot to mention that the installation is a breeze. It comes ready to plug-and-play right out of the box. Like we said before, you can get added stability by using the included screen to fasten directly to your existing outlet.

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More KPSTEK Solutions!

      If this style doesn’t fit your current wall socket or you don’t need the shelf, KPSTEK still has solutions to fit your needs. They also offer unique power strips, flashlights, and outlet protectors for child safety. Click here to check out their whole collection of power solutions, or check out our favorites from KPSTEK below.

Superior Digital News | News, Reviews, and Deals on the best technology for health, fitness, and fun