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Do I Really Need A Smart Scale?

The simple answer is, you’re better off with one than without one.  The issue with traditional weight-only scales, is that they leave too much to the imagination.  Anyone who’s followed their weight on a daily basis can understand the frustration with the fluctuation.  Smart scales that measure body composition, offer a unique window into the tracking of our daily progress.  From body fat % to muscle mass, you can see how and where your body is changing.   

Just like fitness trackers, this makes smart scales one of the most beneficial gadgets for any level of fitness.  Whether you just want your weigh-ins to be automatically synced for your own use or you want to share and compete with friends, the following scales are still your best options in 2019 (Click Here For 2022):

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Garmin, Fitbit, Nokia, & Polar Wearable Owners

We could go on-and-on all day about the accuracy and consistency of the leading smart scales, but the leaders are all neck and neck.  Usability and compatibility is really where they start to spread out and show the biggest differences.   If you’re an owner of a wearable from one of these companies, then stop wasting time and get their scale.  The benefits of having a smart scale and wearable from the same company are obvious, but here are our 4 favorites and why: 

Fitbit Wearables

Aria 2 Smart Scale 7
Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and web, the Fitbit app is feature-rich, yet very straight-forward.  The overall simplicity of the app make it perfect for all fitness levels.  Paired with the Fitbit Versa or the Ionic, you’ll get everything from steps to sleep, including all the body composition metrics from your Fitbit scale.   The Fitbit app also features some of the best charts and communities to compare the data gathered from all of your tracking devices. 

Polar Wearables

Polar Balance Smart Scale Review | Superior Digital News
Polar Balance Smart Scale

Polar does an exceptional job of taking real-time data from your devices in order to tailor daily suggestions.  These suggestions are based on your goals and your current level of fitness to help you keep progressing.  Polar’s wearables are an “acquired taste” when it comes to looks, but for GPS tracking and other advanced running metrics, they’re top-notch. 

Garmin Wearables

Garmin Index Smart Scale | Superior Digital News
Garmin Index Smart Scale

Garmin’s Index Smart scale has the most metrics available to measure and the largest selection of wearables to partner with.  Just like Polar, Garmin’s trackers and GPS running watches are top-of-the-line.  Even though their wearable are expensive, they provide some of the best advanced running metrics on the market.   With the amount of metrics collected, the data is a little harder to sift through than the Fitbit interface.  That’s why Garmin wearables and scales offer the most room to grow. (In the right way. ☺)

Nokia Wearables

Nokia Body Cardio Smart Scale 2
Nokia Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Nokia’s Body+ and Body Cardio scales are some of the most accurate home-use scales on the market.   If you already have a Nokia wearable then there’s no reason to change up your whole system. Nokia’s scales sync via Wi-Fi and can be partnered with their Nokia Steel and Nokia Go fitness trackers.  


QardioBase 2 Smart Scale
QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

QardioBase 2

     Don’t want the impedance measurements while you’re pregnant? The QardioBase 2 is one of the only smart scales with a pregnancy-tracking mode.  This mode disables the mild-electrical-impulses for body composition measurements, to keep your child(ren) in your womb safe and sound. On top of that, the pregnancy displays your weight with “emoji-type” faces instead of actual numbers. This is down in order to help ease the transition back to pre-pregnancy weight.  

     With three other modes, the QardioBase 2 is good for the whole family, including a weight-only mode for any family members with implanted health devices, like pacemakers.   


Tanita BC-1500 Ironman Segmental Body Composition Smart Scale | Superior Digital News
Tanita BC-1500 Inronman Body Composition Smart Scale

Tanita Smart Scales

     If dead accuracy is what you need and/or want, then Tanita scales are second-to-none for home-based scales.  Some of their advanced scales even come with hand contacts for better full-body measurements and better accuracy overall.  


Yunmai Premium Smart Scale | Superior Digital News
Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

     If you made it this far, then you’re in for a treat.  The Yunmai Premium Smart Scale is the perfect mix of accuracy, compatibility, and affordability.  It connects via Bluetooth and it transfers your data whenever your phone is in range.  Yunmai’s partner app has everything you need to track and manage your stats, even if you don’t happen to have a wearable and/or health app already setup.   

Compatability is one of the best features of this smart scale.  It’s able to sync with some of the most popular health apps around like:

  • Apple Health
  • Samsung Health
  • GoogleFit
  • Fitbit App
  • MyFitnessPal
  • and more

With that versatility and the ability to track up-to 16 different users, this is also the best smart scale for large, “technology-diverse” households and locker rooms.  

Additionally, measuring your body in 10 different ways with impressive accuracy and costing around $70, it could easily replace any of the other scales we talked about above.