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HD Audio Adapter Mod Review | Superior Digital News
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New HD Audio Adapter Mod for Essential Phone

Essentials Phone gets a new module. The new Headphone Jack Module contains a Hi-Res ESS Sabre DAC converter, allowing studio-quality sound and amplification. Plus, now you can charge and listen to music at the same time!

The Essential Phone gives you exactly what the name implies. The super-fast Snapdragon 835 processor, 128GB of storage, extremely durable titanium chassis, 13 MP dual camera, and the edge-to-edge 5.7-inch display allow you to take full advantage of the stock Android operating system, for years to come. No pre-loaded apps or other bloatware means your “juice” is only getting used for stuff you actually need. The price starts under $500, but, if you’re thinking about getting the magnetically-attached 360° Cam Mod, the phone & camera bundle is the best deal going.

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Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition Review | Superior Digital News
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For a limited time, the Fitbit Ionic, Charge 2, and Flyer Wireless Headphones are $30-$50 off on The best value out of all of them is the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition, which is now under $300. Added features include exclusive on-screen workouts, watch faces, and signature Adidas watch strap. Make health and fitness easy by taking advantage of the most complete health & wellness app on the market.

Superior Digital News | News, Reviews, and Deals on the best technology for health, fitness, and fun

Keep in touch with your friends and family with the long-awaited Walkie Talkie feature on Apple Watch. Perfect for concerts, sporting events, and theme parks. Just like Facetime, the first time you connect with one of your contacts, you’ll be connected for future communication. Messages are played automatically after receiving them, so probably not something you want on all the time. Then again, anyone familiar with “the chirp” (Sprint/Nextel’s Push-To-Talk Feature) from back in the day, knows how handy this feature can be.