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3/18/2020 – Samsung skipped the Galaxy Watch 2 and recently released the Galaxy Watch 3, so click here to see what’s new…  On the other hand, this model is still one of your best options in LTE-enabled smartwatches and now it’s under $200!

The all new Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most versatile and powerful smartwatches on the market.  Samsung is also doing things that Apple still refuses to do: Compatibility with other OS’s and traditional 20mm & 22mm watchbands.

     Samsung is invading Apple Watch’s market yet again with the Galaxy Watch. Just like many of their recent releases, the Galaxy Watch is compatible with Android and Apple iOS.  If you’re looking for a similar featured alternative to uber-expensive and power-hungry Apple Watch, then the Galaxy Watch is the perfect substitute.   

     Sporting a much better battery life anda traditional watch look, the Samsung Galaxy Watch takes the best of all previous Samsung smartwatch models and mashes them up into one beautiful timepiece.

Key Features

  • 1.3 Inch display
  • 4-5 Day battery life
  • Built-in speaker and mic for calling, virtual assistant, and more
  • Rotating Bezel for touch-free navigation
  • 4GB of internal storage for phone-free MP3 music or downloaded Spotify playlists for offline play (Samsung has an exclusive partnership with Spotify)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones
  • 1,000’s of watch faces, including modular and customizing options
  • Swimready; 5 ATM Waterproof rating (Up to 50 Meters)
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Gyro Sensor
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • 3 Color Options; Black (42mm), Rose Gold (42mm), and Silver (46mm)
  • and much more

Fitness Features

     This watch is built especially for athletes, hikers, and fitness enthusiast.  The raised rotating bezel not only helps to navigate during workouts, but it also protects the big, beautiful screen from bumps and scrapes.  This is one of the main durability features that the Apple Watch doesn’t have built-in.  Additionally, the 2 large buttons on the side of the Galaxy Watch are protected from accidental pressing by an extruded hump on the chassis.  These tiny details make a huge difference in the overall experience, which Apple still has yet to master with their static watch design year over year.

     Continual improvement of the Samsung Health app and the onboard Tizen OS, keeps Samsung at the same level as Apple and Fitbit for fitness purposes.   Additionally, the swim tracking and 30+ indoor workout presets track the nuances of many different workout routines as good as advanced GPS running watches, like Garmin or Polar.  Unless you need advanced runners metrics, the Galaxy Watch is all the watch you’ll ever need.

Leave Your Phone Home

     There is also an LTE version for those who want a standalone watch with true phone-free use.  The 4-5 Day battery life will suffer slightly, but not as much compared to the Apple Watch LTE versions.  


     The only major drawback of the Galaxy Watch compared to the Apple Watch is app integration, ONLY when running on iPhones. First of all, your Samsung Pay won’t work on the Galaxy Watch if you’re running it with an iPhone.  Also, some notifications are limited when hooked to iPhone.  As of now, your emails and Apple Reminders don’t get pushed to your Galaxy Watch, but messages and many other app notifications will.  When it comes down to it, by choosing the Galaxy Watch over the Apple Watch, you’re sacrificing a little app integration for a lot more battery life, durability, and overall fitness function.  

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Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

     Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is also the perfect charger for the Galaxy Watch.  Featuring Samsung’s Fast Adaptive Charging technology, your phone and watch will be charged quick and safe.  Available in black or white, the minimalist design fits most decors.  Additionally, a built-in fan keeps the pads and devices cooled.  It’s also powerful enough to charge 2 phones at once.