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Fitbit Charge 2 HR


     The Fitbit Charge 2 HR is perfect for people who want all their activities and sleep habits tracked, but don’t want all the distractions of your average smartwatch.   

     While no downloadable apps, or big colorful screen, or other advanced smartwatch features may seem like a downgrade for some, the Fitbit Charge 2’s true value is in it’s minimalism. The few things it does, it does to perfection.

     It tracks all of the essentials from steps to sleep, has a great battery life, and you still can read text and calendar events right on your wrist.

     Where the Charge 2 really pays off is with the access to the Fitbit app. Featuring everything you need to connect, track, and share, all in one place, it’s easily the best fitness app on the market. It even has a community section so you can safely share your health and fitness goals with like-minded people.

     With the release of the Charge 3, this is your best best chance to get your foot in the Fitbit door. Starting at under $100, it’s still one of your best options to easily track your health & wellness. 

     Key features:

  • 5-Day battery life
  • Most complete and easy-to-use fitness app
  • Tracks: steps, calories, distance, floors climbed, total active time, and more
  • Calls, text, and calendar events straight to your wrist
  • 100’s of 3rd-party replaceable bands to choose from