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OBDeleven Pro Pack Review

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     If you own an Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Bently, or Lamborghini (VAG Auto Group), the OBDeleven diagnostic code scanner is the best value, especially for home mechanics. Packed with cool ways to customize your driving experience, there’s a lot to like about this tiny yet powerful device.




  • Professional and intuitive user interface on app
  • Nice selection of “Adjustments” like multimedia interface theme, tailgate sound, ambient interior lighting color, and more!
  • HUGE selection of performance modifications
  • Very compact device
  • Only draws 45mA of current
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone


  • Phone must be connected to Wifi/Wireless Data for full functionality
  • ONLY works with VAG group cars (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Bently, Lamborghini, and more
  • In-app features like in the Adjustments and Workshop sections cost credits to add the functionality (unlimited credits with the Ultimate Plan)

Apps Section

     The Apps Section of the OBDeleven app is where most of the cosmetic and convenience customizations are located. The only downside is that each one costs credits, so take a quick glance through all the options before you start using them up. If you plan on making a lot of changes in this section, then upgrading to the Ultimate Plan is your best option, but more on that later.

Image of the OBDeleven app that shows the compatible VAG cars


     Depending on your VAG vehicle’s make and model, the OBDeleven unlocks a ton of adjustments you can make to every part of your car. From changing the ambient light color to unlocking speed-dependent wipers, you can customize almost every corner of your vehicle.

      Here’s a list of many of the “Adjustments” you can make via the OBDeleven code reader and app:

  • Interior lights fade-in/out
  • Window function from remote
  • Multimedia interface theme
  • Tailgate sound
  • License plate lights w/trunk open
  • Cornering light dimming rate
  • MODE button illumination
  • Third brake light when trunk open
  • Sunroof w/door open
  • Instrument cluster logo
  • Choose from 10 different ambient colors
  • Speed-dependent wipers
  • Steering response
  • Speed Warning
  • and more!!!


     The Workshop section of the OBDeleven app is a nice feature for everyone but an essential section for anyone who does their own maintenance. Reset everything from brake pad replacements to oil service. The app will keep track of service schedules and send you a notification when maintenance is due.

     It’s also the section where you can adjust power steering activation, transmission, and fuel system priming.

     Here’s a list of my favorite tweaks and service timers you can activate:

  • TPMS reset
  • Brake pads replacement
  • Inspection service reset
  • Oil service reset
  • Fuel system priming
  • Power steering activation
  • and more!!!
Image of the OBDeleven Pro Pack
OBDeleven OBD2 Pro Pack

Control Units Section

     If you thought there were a lot of features in the Apps Section, then “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” The Control Units Section is packed with even more ways to improve the function and performance of your VAG vehicles.

     We could go on for hours covering all the options in this section, especially if you have a newer VAG vehicle model, but many of the features depend on your make and model. Some of the coolest features that you can play with in this section are on the Brakes, All Wheel Drive, Dashboard, and Central Electronics.

Subscription Plans

     OBDeleven offers 3 subscription plans with different levels of unlocked features. If you’re new to OBD code readers, the Basic Plan (FREE) is a great one to start with. Even though everything isn’t unlocked, you’ll have a chance to view everything available. Then, if you choose to, you can upgrade at any time to unlock the features you want.

     For anyone above a beginner’s level, you might as well go with the Ultimate Plan. It unlocks every feature and gives you unlimited credits for adding apps in the Adjustments and Workshop sections.

     If you’re on the fence, we recommend the OBDeleven Pro Pack. Along with the device itself, it comes with a free year of the Pro Plan and almost all of the Ultimate Plan’s features unlocked. Even though this plan requires you to purchase the credits needed to make the customizations, it’s the best value if you only want to make a few adjustments.

     There’s an annual cost for the Pro and Ultimate Plans, but the control it gives you over your driving experience is priceless!

Image of the OBDeleven plugged into an OBD scanner port

Convenient Diagnostic Scanner

     With all the customizations you can make to your vehicle, it’s easy to forget the main function of the OBDeleven device. When it comes to scanning for trouble codes, the quality and accuracy is on par with some of our other favorite OBD2 scanner devices like the BlueDriver and OBDLinkMX+.

     The main benefit of the OBDeleven scanner is that it’s specifically programmed to read all the OEM codes for VAG vehicles. You’ll get the fault code and status of each code. Plus, each fault code has a link that makes the google search of any code just a tap away.

     This is what makes the OBDeleven the best OBD2 scanner for VAG vehicles, even if you only choose the free Basic Plan.


     With the combination of in-depth trouble code scanning and seemingly endless vehicle customizations, the OBDeleven is a no-brainer. For Audi, Volkswagen, and other VAG vehicles, this is by far the most powerful OBD2 device available, so it’s the best choice for any level of user.


What is OBDeleven Pro Plan?

     On top of the basic diagnostic features, the OBDeleven Pro Plan unlocks advanced diagnostic systems for most VAG cars like Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, and more.

     The average user who just wants to scan for trouble codes should be fine with the Basic Plan’s functionality, but as you learn more about your vehicle and its capabilities, the advanced features will be essential to get the best performance. Plus, you get a discount on a year of the Pro Plan with your purchase of the OBDeleven Pro Pack, so it’s worth trying out.

How do I activate the Pro on OBDeleven?

     Once you have downloaded the OBDeleven app, select “yes” when prompted as you initially set up your account and connect your car.

     You can also manually set up your Pro Plan on When successful, you’ll receive an email with the subscription code that you enter through your OBDeleven App Dashboard.

Can OBDeleven scan all cars?

     As of the publishing date of this article, the OBDeleven only scans VAG group cars like Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, and more. For any other car, I would recommend the OBDLink MX+. It has the best compatibility and the best partner app.

Does OBDeleven need WIFI?

     OBDeleven is a cloud-based software system, so you MUST be connected to WIFI or Data (LTE) network for the OBDeleven to scan your vehicle properly.

Can you use OBDeleven on multiple cars?

     Yes. You can register an unlimited number of compatible vehicles on one OBDeleven device.

Can you leave OBD2 plugged in while driving?

     The OBDeleven has minimal battery drain, so it’s safe to leave it plugged into your car. However, if your vehicle sits for longer than one month without starting, we recommend unplugging the device.