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SanDisk 256GB microSD Card A2

Sandisk 256 GB


     Even though cell phone microSD storage is getting fazed out, microSD cards have never been more in-demand. With GoPros, trail cams, and other styles of action cams becoming more popular, microSD cards are still essential.

     The cool part is that they’ve never been more affordable and at the same time, they’ve never had more capacity. Even though they now have 1TB microSD cards, the 256GB is the best price per MB out of any of their options.

     While there are plenty of alternative micro SD card brands, SanDisk has always been the most dependable. Nothing is worse than a card failing, especially when you’re in the field. On top of that, SanDisk offers a premium USB 3.0 adapter for even faster transfers.

      Starting at under $30, you can save money and all of your media will be in safe hands.

     Key features:

  • 24+ hours of HD video
  • Class A2 rating
  • Up to 160MB/s read speed
  • Up to 90MB/s write speed
  • Compatible with ALL microSDHC and microSDXC devices