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Gopro 5 Accessory Bundle

Neewer 50-in-1 Kit

Ultimate GoPro Accessory Bundle

Neewer 50-in-1 Kit

     What does it have? More like, what doesn’t it have?!  Neewer’s best selling 50-in-1 Accessory Kit fits GoPro’s and many other action cams.

     If you’re spending big bucks on an action camera like the GoPro Hero 5, why not save some cash elsewhere.

     My favorite item in the bundle is the mini tripod with bendable arms. It’s one of the most versatile mounts in the bundle, and super durable. Combined with the zippered protective carrying case, those two items alone are worth the price.

     The custom-cut, super-strong 3M double-sided sticky pads are also a nice touch. The aren’t reusable, but with all of the different mounts, you can set up ALL of your bikes, boards, helmets, and more. They even included a bright yellow floating mount, so you don’t lose your GoPro in the lake, river, or ocean.

     Priced at less then $40, all I can say is, “Have fun and stay safe!

     Key features:

  • Mounts for boards, bikes, helmets, and more
  • Padded Carrying case
  • Floating Selfie-Stick Mount
  • Bendable-Arm Tripod
  • and much more…