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     We know what you’re thinking because it’s probably the same thing we thought when we first laid our eyes on the SubPac M2X Wearable Physical Audio System:

“When would you use something like that?”

     Very quickly we realized that this “wearable physical audio system” is a groundbreaking piece of technology that can be used in a wide range of applications. The category-establishing SubPac M2X gives you an immersive experience like you’ve never felt before. It’s such a unique device that talking specs can’t do it justice.

So Then What Is The SupPac M2X?!

     First of all, this is NOT a speaker, so while it won’t replace any of your current listening devices, it’s sole function is to personally enhance your listening devices. Mainly, the SubPac M2X provides physical feedback of low-range frequencies. 

     In English, it’s a silent subwoofer strapped to your back. Additionally, the device acts as a pass-through for your headphones or other sound systems via 3.5mm audio jack. The end product is a perfect mixture of the audible and physical sound spectrums.

    The human ear can’t hear anything below about 20Hz.  Yet we listen to music, watch movies, and play games with audio that falls far below 20Hz. Imagine yourself at a concert, hearing AND feeling the bass of the music. Imagine being at the movies, with the powerful sound system that makes you feel like your actually IN the scene. 

     It’s a completely different experience than when you go home to your miniature (in comparison) home audio system or Beats headphones. That missing “it” factor is the physical presence that the SubPac M2X is able to capture. With a physical feedback frequency range starting at 1Hz and going all the way up to 200Hz, you’ll even get physical feedback from a wide range of audible low frequencies.

     We think any music, movie, or game lover will fall in love with this unique device, but here are 3 activities that benefit the most from portable bass augmentation:


      If you’ve spent any time in a recording studio, you can understand the reason for all of the foam stuck to the walls, the placement of the speakers, and any of the other acoustic modifications required for any given room. This is what it takes to get as close to acoustic perfection as possible in order to capture AND monitor the best sound quality for your recordings.  The low-end frequencies are the hardest to master, especially for home recording studios.

     Another problem audio engineers run into from long recording, mixing, and mastering sessions is listener fatigue.  This issue causes things like temporary pain in your ears and poor hearing quality. This is what makes the SubPac M2X such a vital tool for both home and professional audio engineers. 

     It’s not a mystery why one of the greatest Hip Hop and R & B producers in the last 20 years, Timbaland, is one of the partners in the SubPac’s creation and continual development. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Timbaland has produced hit after hit. This genre of music is meant to be felt as much as heard, so this is why the SubPac is the perfect tool to help with mixing and mastering the low-end of your recordings.  

     Imagine being able to feel every nuance of the lower frequencies, without damaging your hearing from blasting your sound system or studio headphones. Once you’ve mixed and mastered a song with the SubPac M2X you’ll be hooked.

     With this type of technology available, mixing and mastering without it is like trying to hit a fastball with one eye closed. You can still get a hit, but by having the added perception of your other “eye” open, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it.


     While the SubPac M2X is perfect for the engineer mixing the tracks, it can be just as beneficial for the performer. Breakthrough crowd noise, wind, and other distractions as the SubPac keeps you connected to the music and always on beat.  Even in the studio, it’s a good way for the singer or musician to have an extra level of immersion in order to stay in sync. 

     The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable and provides maximum body contact.  With the Nano Silver treated materials it’ll be able to control bacteria and odor from even the most active of users.  It’s durable enough for any set, from the studio to the stage.


     After going over the possibilities of this device in the music and performing environments, it’s easy to see why gamers can also use the power of the SubPac M2X. 

     We’ve had a miniature version of this tech in our hands for years in the form of the “rumbling” in our gaming controllers. It’s been a nice feature that added A LITTLE physical immersion, but the main thing that makes the SubPac M2X special is its ability to vibrate at the exact frequencies of the audio signal in order to give a true holistic listening experience.

     If you’re a fan of racing games like Gran Turismo and Forza, you’ll be able to feel the RPMs from gear to gear.  For first-person shooter fans, you’ll be closer than ever to the action (maybe too close).  If it’s games like Rock Band, then you already know.

     When it comes to gaming, the best use is with a VR headset and gaming headphones.  We have yet to find a device that can do a better job of capturing the physical presence of sounds from your gaming environment.  You’ll be able to react better by literally having a better feeling for the game. 

Conclusion On The SubPac M2X

     The only thing we really didn’t like about this device is how bad everything sounded when we WEREN’T using it.  Even though there is room for improvement, it’s really hard to take anything away because of how unique the experience is.  It’s an amazing tool that can be used for work or play by creators, performers, and their audiences to vastly improve the overall experience.

UPDATE:  All SubPac’s are now sold out and you’re now able to sign up for updates on the new version. Their website says coming soon so sign up if you’re interested in being the first to receive the good news. Otherwise, if you’re interested in any of their classic models you can find them HERE.

SubPac M2X Wearable Physical Audio System

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