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Everyone has different needs when it comes to charging their mobile devices and Apple Watch charging is no different.  The best Apple Watch charger for one person may not even be an option for another.  Whether you need a stand or a charging station for all of your accessories, our list features the best of each major charging category. 

Best "Night Stand" Apple Watch Charging Stand

Superior Digital News - Spigen Apple Watch Charging Night Stand
Spigen S350 Apple Watch Night Stand

     With some of the best phone cases on the market, Spigen also offers one of our favorite Apple Watch Charging stands.  Available in 5 different colors (WhiteMidnight BluePinkBlack, and Black/Sport Yellow), Spigen’s patented Nano-Grip pad keeps it firmly in place without leaving sticky residue.  It also fits all Apple Watch models and even most Apple Watch cases, so you don’t have to remove it every time you charge it.  There’s nothing we don’t like about this charging stand. Simple yet effective.

Best All-In-One Apple Watch Charging Station

Superior Digital News - Giftgarden Multiple Devices Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, AirPod, Amazon Echo Dot, Sunglasses, and More Charging Cradle
Giftgarden Multiple Device Charging Station

     Perfect for all mobile device power-users.  You’ll be able to charge ALL of your devices in one place and it’s designed specifically for your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.  The Apple Watch charging mount is compatible with any model Apple Watch and case. The front business card slot can easily be converted into an AirPod Charging holster and the back slots are designed to hold iPhones, iPads, sunglasses, pens, stationary, and more.  

     The only thing that we don’t like about it is the lack of cord organization. This can be easily fixed by mounting your choice of charging cable clips/organizers on the sides.  Everyone from students to executives will appreciate the space saving design of this charging station. 

Best 3-In-1 Apple Watch Charging Stand

Superior Digital News - Beacoo Adjustable Apple Watch, AirPod, and iPhone 3-in-1 Charging Stand and Media Stand
Beacoo 3-In-1 Apple Charging Station

     This is the best solution for people who own the Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone.  Available in 3 colors (WhiteBlack, and Pink), it has one of the best wire-organizing solutions for quick mounting and dismounting of all 3 devices.

  The Apple Watch charging stand holds your watch at the perfect angle for Night Stand Mode regardless of size, model, or case.  Another nice feature is the ability to stand your iPhone in portrait or horizontal viewing modes.  It also has an adjustable back plate to accommodate for most iPhone cases.  

Best 2-In-1 Apple Watch Charging Stand

Superior Digital News - OMOTON Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Stand, Aluminum Desktop Holder
Omoton 2-In-1 Charging Station

     Minimalistic, slip-resistant, and stylish this 2-in-1 charging station is good for your night stand or workstation.  It’s simple design and 3 available colors (BlackSilver, and Rose Gold) will blend with any decor and has convenient wire slots to keep your area organized.  The rounded edges on this aluminum charging stand also match perfect with Apple’s design style for an overall premium look.

Best Travel & Protective Apple Watch Charging Stand

Superior Digital News - Gogosodu EVA Hard Protective Charging Travel Case and Apple Watch Holder with Clamshell Zipper Case
Halleast Apple Watch Travel Charging Cradle Case

     Whether you’re a hiker, a commuter, or just really clumsy, nothing will protect your expensive Apple Watch better than this traveling clamshell case.  The hollowed out interior allows you to mount your wireless Apple charger and hide any excess charging cable you don’t need.  Complete with a hard shell exterior, padded interior, heavy-duty zipper, and carabiner, you’ll never have to worry about your Apple Watch falling off of your night stand, out of your bag, or getting crushed between items in your backpack.  Also a great option for people who own multiple Apple Watches so the unused watches stay safe and dust-free.

BONUS: Retro Macintosh Apple Watch Charging Stand

Superior Digital News - Elago W3 Vintage Macintosh Monitor Apple Watch Night Stand Charger
Elago W3 Retro Mac Apple Watch Charging Stand

     We couldn’t leave this of the list for the simple fact that it brings back so many memories.  Besides the nostalgic value, it also has impressive performance as an Apple Watch charging stand.  Available in classic “Macintosh White” or Jet Black, the high-quality silicone design covers the front and back for extra protection.  The Night Stand Mode is where this stand really shines, as it converts your Apple Watch into a mini Macintosh computer-looking bedside clock.  

     The only thing we don’t like about this stand is that even though it’s compatible with all Apple Watch models and sizes, it’s NOT compatible with most Apple Watch cases.  It’s definitely the coolest looking stand for anyone old enough to remember the original Macintosh windows-based computers.  Also available is the retro style iClassic 1984 3-In-1 Apple Watch, AirPod, and iPhone Charging Station.