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ZEPP Is Coiled And Ready To Strike!

In a move that transcends cultures, languages, and international styles, Huami (Amazfit) has changed the international company name to Zepp Health Corp. (NYSE: Zepp). Formally known as HMI on the NYSE, ZEPP is poised to take another huge leap, and extend their lead as the #1 wearable company worldwide. 

Zepp E Watch
Zepp E Square Smart Watch

What is Zepp?

     Before being acquired by Huami (Amazfit), Zepp has been a leader in swing tracking for athletes competing in tennis, golf, baseball, and other similar sports. Even though their swing tracking style has a very narrow application, the accuracy needed to track something as precise as a golf swing, has found greater value tracking other motion and biometrics.

What is Amazfit?

     Amazfit is the US-based division of the Huami Corporation in Cupertino, California. Featuring an expansive family of premium wearables under the Amazfit brand name, Huami has always been dedicated to overall health and wellness tracking. They’re also one of the best budget-friendly alternatives to Garmin, Polar, and other GPS watch brands. Mainly because their smartwatches and fitness trackers come with built-in GPS and killer battery life, so the GPS tracking is actually worth having. 

Biometric Tracking on Amazfit GTS 2

COMPLETE Health and Wellness Tracking

     Exploring the platform more, you’ll find that the PAI, multi-sport tracking, advanced sleep analysis, and other premium features are always getting added and improved. You’ll also see that in addition to their watches, they produce one of the best sets of earbuds (PowerBuds – [FULL REVIEW]) for fitness and casual listening. Plus, their new Amazfit Smart Scale is a nice addition to the family.

     With all of their devices using the same Zepp app to connect and collect tracking data, Amazfit provides a unique all-in-one solution to complete health and wellness analysis.

The Path Foward

     Huami initiated the purchase of Zepp back in 2018, so the moves they’ve made since then are making a lot more sense now. With Huami producing wearables spread across 4+ different brands, it was looking like they would just be another generic tech brand selling cheap look-a-likes. This name change has cleared up many of those questions and concerns with the overall direction of the company.

     Now, with their software platform and devices aligned behind one snappy and appealing brand name, they’re in their most powerful position yet. Continued software development and further integration with other popular health apps are going to be the biggest factors toward Zepp retaining its lead over the likes of Garmin, Apple, Samsung, and other big wearable brands.

Amazfit GTS 2 & 2e | 90 Sport Modes
Amazfit GTS 2 & 2e | 90 Sport Modes

Pipe Dreams

     Who knows. Maybe they’ll gobble up another wearable company. On the other hand, after Google/Fitbit buyout, Zepp seems prime for the picking by Googles’ competition. Apple, Samsung, and a few other big tech players have to be looking at Zepp as a partner at the VERY least.

      Apple makes the most sense since their wearable family is completely one-dimensional, but Apple also seems content with producing one-size-fits-all Apple Watches. With iPhone being the #1 mobile choice in the US, a “US-based” wearable company like Zepp needs to either convince people to upgrade to one of their smartwatches or at least wear a Zepp during sports and fitness activities.

     Either one is a tall order since we saw Fitbit try and fail miserably. On the other hand, the one thing that Fitbit didn’t have is the huge international fitness and swing-sports fan bases that have followed Huami, Amazfit, and Zepp up to this point. On top of that, their new AirRun and HomeStudio treadmills are further proof of their dedication to health and wellness. The bottom line is that Zepp is in one of the best positions to take advantage of the trending fitness and health tracking industry.

Amazfit GTS 2e 14 Day Battery Life
Amazfit GTS 2e - 14-Day Battery Life