From smart fridges to robotic vacuums, homes are getting smarter by the day. In our quest to help you live smarter, healthier, and happier, we’ve researched to find the best smart home accessories and appliances.

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Best Smart Scales

Best Smart Scales 2023

See why the Garmin Index S2 is the best overall body composition smart scale, but there are 2 alternatives that may fit your needs and budget a little better.

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Ring Video Doorbell and Security System

Ring Doorbell Camera Review

The all-new Ring Doorbell 3 gets a few nice upgrades and still remains the king of plug-and-play security camera services. Check out what's new!...

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Vitamix A3500 Ascent | Best Combo Blenders 2021

Best Combo Blender 2023

Replace at least 3 common kitchen appliances with one COMBO BLENDER. Check out our list of the best combo blenders and find the one that fits your needs...

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Nutri-Ninja Auto iQ Personal Blender

Best Personal Blenders 2023

Comaring the NutriBulllet vs Ninja personal blenders shows how easy it can be to get your daily nutrition and conveniently stay on the path to better health.

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Best-Multi-Cookers + Air Fryers

Best Multi-Cookers 2023

Multi-cookers like the Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi can turn your kitchen into a healthy "fast-food" powerhouse. See which one is perfect for you...

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Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners for Pets

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums For Pets

Make your life easier with a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. For pet owners and/or parents, there's no better tool to take the stress out of daily touch-ups around the house.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Safety and Preparedness

Coronavirus Supply List

It's never too late to prepare, but now that we're in for a little bit of a long haul, now is the time. You should always have a couple weeks' worth of the essentials, but we wanted to address the things we don't always think about. Our Top 6 Essentials for dealing with the Coronavirus can make life a lot more safe and enjoyable until we pull out of this pandemic...

Wyze Cam Review

The Wyze Cam Indoor Wifi Smart Home Camera is essential for parents, pet owners, and travelers. Whether you're in the other room or in another state.


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