From smart fridges to robotic vacuums, homes are getting smarter by the day. In our quest to help you live smarter, healthier, and happier, we’ve researched to find the best smart home accessories and appliances.

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Omega MM900HDS Medical Masticating Juicer

Best Juicers 2023

There's a few simple things that make a HUGE difference when it comes to finding the best juicer. See why "slow" is better.

5 Ways To Maximize Workouts

We all know that the world of health & fitness is full of misinformation, deception, and straight up outlandish claims. Still, all the crash diets, cleanses, and secret fruits from exotic islands can muddy the water and lead even the most experienced astray. This makes it even harder to know where to start. Getting away from the basics will doom any workout regimen, so don't start out on the wrong foot.

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Pic courtesy of Fitibit

Best Smart Scales 2020

Just like fitness trackers, smart scales are one of the most beneficial gadgets to add to your health and fitness tool belt...


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